Acronis restore but no input devices work?

  awest3 20:09 18 Apr 2009

I've taken 'C drive' image backups using acronis true image 11. I'm now trying to restore after installing a new drive...however none of my input devices are being recognised, so although I've got the Acronis screen up (from a cd boot disk) I cant move the cursor or use the keyboard.

I originally had wireless keyboard and mouse which did not work so I dug out an old wired keyboard (ps2) and a usb mouse still no joy.

The wireless controller does light up when I boot but then the light goes out.

Any ideas very welcome as I'm stuck as to what to do.

  awest3 20:09 18 Apr 2009

sorry forgot to say....XP Sp3 system

  woodchip 20:46 18 Apr 2009

Restart you computer as You Are Using USB Hardware Press Del to enter Setup Check in BIOS to make sure USB is Enabled. You may need to use a PS/2 Keyboard to do the above

  awest3 22:39 18 Apr 2009

hi woodchip, I'm afraid it is a ps2 keyboard I'm trying to use without success. Just after I boot using the Acronis disk theres a beep after which the optic mouse light goes out.I'm asuming that the wireless keyboard and mouse are not recognised because there's no OS as yet and the setup routine has not been actioned.

  lotvic 23:11 18 Apr 2009

Are you saying that you cannot acess the BIOS because the PS/2 keyboard is not responding?
Maybe the PS/2 keyboard is no good, try with a different one.

  awest3 23:15 18 Apr 2009

the keyboard is off another PC I have, on which it works ok. I'm trying to restore the c drive (which has the os on it) to a new drive...I have the Acronis screen up but can't enter anything via the keyboard or mouse...the light comes on the mouse but then the PC emits a load beep and it then goes messages are received.

  awest3 23:16 18 Apr 2009

for "load" read "loud" bed is calling me I think..

  lotvic 23:54 18 Apr 2009

Are you sure you have plugged it in the Keyboard port? If you have put it in the Mouse port that would explain why it's not working.

(remember that you cannot hot-swap PS/2 devices or you will damage mobo)

  awest3 11:18 19 Apr 2009

hmm...if I put the old drive in (making an horrendous row) everything works as normal...if I plug in the new drive and try to boot (leaving the old c drive connected) it fails on boot..the messages go too fast for me to read... I have a copy of the backup on my e drive so could restore from there but as I say if I connect the new drive (which is not being recognised I note)it fails to boot..I'm scratching my head a bit now..

  lotvic 11:22 19 Apr 2009

To test if it is the new HDD or the PS/2

Disconnect both HDD's

Boot up

  lotvic 11:25 19 Apr 2009

can you now get into the bios and does the keyboard work?

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