Acronis Question again today

  Noels 16:07 02 Apr 2009

Having read the several posts today about Acronis I decided to download the trial version.What I would like to do is backup in the first instance everything on my computer to my LaCie 250GB external hard drive which already has about 47GB photos and many other documents stored there which I don't want to lose. When I go through the process of backing up all my data to the external hard drive I get the warning message that it contains partitions that contain data that May? will? be lost in the process of backing up. Question if I continue with the back up will I reall lose all the data already on my hard drive.
Please can someone advise

  Quiet Life 16:33 02 Apr 2009

If you have not partitioned your LaCie drive Acronis will indeed delete everything there.
Create a new partition for your back up.

  Noels 16:42 02 Apr 2009

Thanks for that info. I've had this drive for about four years and as far as I remember only formatted it when new. I did not partition it.How would I know if it is partitioned and if not how do I partition it at this stage? Any advice welcome.

  Diemmess 16:49 02 Apr 2009

Using Acronis 10 and XP pro for backup, I simply name the drive for the Acronis file and let it get on with it.

Internal or external, there is no need to partition. Make a new named folder by all means to avoid confusion with other files.

Restoration is another matter and will clear all data on the target drive, but that is what you would likely use it for; to restore a working OS and be rid of the mess the old installation had become.

  AlanHo 17:04 02 Apr 2009

I would suggest - as stated above - that you create a new folder on your external drive called Acronis.

When you load Acronis select....:-
* Backup
* My computer (not just data files)
* Select partitions to back up. If you only have a C: drive then this is all you select. Do not select the external drive
* Target Backup Archive - select "create new archive". Browse to your Acronis folder on the external drive and give your new file a name - say Backup 02.04.09.tib. The file must have a .tib extension.
Then follow the rest of the wizard procedure and your backup will be actioned.

I suspect you were getting the message threatening to delete all the data on your external drive because you were calling for the external drive to be backed up to itself.

  DieSse 18:10 02 Apr 2009

If you IMAGE with Acronis - it just produces a single file (a .tib file) that contains all the data from you drive. You can have several .tib files on the same backup drive (with different names, of course).

If you CLONE with Acronis, it will delete everything else on the drive, and give you a duplicate of the original drive.

Imaging is simplest and best, unless you're planning to change the drives over (ie - upgrading your drive).

With Imaging you can do update images of just what's changed - then do a new full image every month (for example).

  Noels 18:33 02 Apr 2009

To DieSse, AlanHo, Diemmess & Quiet Life for all your good advice. When I bought the external hard drive about four yrs ago I tried to back up with Acronis and found the terminology quite confusing when all I wanted to do was save all my computer contents to my new hard drive so I gave it up as a bad job.With your advice I will give it another go and see if I can conquer it. I don't normally give up easily but not having had to back up in twenty yrs I will just give it one more go.
and many thanks

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