Acronis question.

  mooly 11:45 22 Jun 2009

Use Acronis all the time for backups but never use the PC when it's running.
I would have though it would have locked the HDD while it imaged it, but apparently not as I am typing this with Acronis running.
Is there any recommendation on this... could it cause a problem with the image ? using the PC while it's running.

  johndrew 12:34 22 Jun 2009

ATI does seem to use a lot of CPU capacity when running and I make a point of not inputting anything whilst it`s doing its job. Having said that, if you verify the image after completion and it comes back as `good` then the chances are you`ve done no harm.

  cocteau48 13:34 22 Jun 2009

With Acronis 2009 (TI 12) they do actually feature the fact that you can do "live backups" ie: keep working while the backup is in progress.

It may have been possible with earlier versions - but personally I never risked it - and still do not even with the 2009 version.

Cannot completely understand how it can backup something which you may actively altering at the same time.

  mooly 14:33 22 Jun 2009

Well it's TI 10 I'm using with Vista.
You imagine all sorts of things happening, that a part of the OS has been imaged, then you alter something that "should" alter say a file in that part of the system, so what happens then ?
Yet I have never had a problem in normal use and I know background processes must still be running, also my security "may" be due to update when the backup is running etc.
Safest I think not to use it.

  woodchip 14:36 22 Jun 2009

Personally I let Acronis do its Job. Without interference to PC

  mooly 14:38 22 Jun 2009

Forgot to mention johndrews suggestion of verifying the image, I have never used that facility.
I wonder though, what does it verify it against ? Files are constantly changing. I'm sure there is something fundamental that I am not understanding in the way it all works. But work it does... thank goodness.

  Peter 15:27 22 Jun 2009


I don't thing Acronis Disk Image 10 works properly under Vista. I think you need Version 11 or later. You CAN use Version 10 to image a Vista partition if you make an Acronis Disk Image Boot Disk.

All the same, I prefer to use a boot disk when producing an image file as then I know that none of the Windows partition files will be in use during the image production. Also, as already stated by johndrew, Acronis DI wants a lot of the computer while imaging and is probably best left to do it alone.


  Input Overload 15:55 22 Jun 2009

I keep my fingers off the keyboard when doing something as critical as a C:\ image, make a cup of tea.

  woodchip 16:13 22 Jun 2009

it will work with any if used from the rescue cd instead of in windows

  cocteau48 16:28 22 Jun 2009

Within Acronis - if you go:
Tools/Options/Default Backup Options/Additional Settings - you can check the box to validate the backup automatically when it is created.

  mooly 17:39 22 Jun 2009

Thanks guys,
Peter... I normally (never had to do otherwise) run it from within windows and it works faultlessly. I use incremental backups, backing up to a separate partition on the laptops HDD.
Acronis replaced Acers ERecovery program when I upgraded to Vista. Acer said that Erecovery wasn't included with their "upgrade kit" as it would not support the NTFS or .net file system or something but that Vista included all the same tools which was a lie... there is no image backup with Vista HP. Anyway restored many times while "having a play" with something and it's been perfect every time. I do have the Acronis install DVD which is bootable.

Woodchip & Input Overload... Go and have a cup of tea ! best way probably.

Cocteau48... I'll have a look there next time. Does it slow it down much validating ?

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