Acronis question

  hiwatt 10:58 10 Dec 2008

Hi folks
I don't have any proper back up software and think it's about time I get some.If I get an external hardrive and a copy of acronis true image can I do a back up of my computer OS and install it on my external drive?Does this mean I can have a copy of windows on my external hardrive and my internal drive?I normally just back my data up on dvd's but would like a "proper" back up incase my computer fails.I'm not sure how it works so any help is appreciated.Thanks.

  chub_tor 11:06 10 Dec 2008

Acronis True Image can take a complete "snapshot" of your drive and transfer it to an external drive. That way if your internal drive fails you have an exact copy to replace it with. You do need to backup regularly as each "snapshot" is just like a photograph, out of date as soon as the subject moves.

  hiwatt 11:13 10 Dec 2008

If I took a snapshot of my system as it is just now with acronis and saved it to my external drive,if my computer failed and I then plugged in my external drive would I then have windows up and running again just the same as it was before my computer failed?

  woodchip 11:18 10 Dec 2008

Yes after restoring the Image, this would restore OS and all software etc just as at the time you create the Image. It best to make mor than one Image. tend to save a Image to a Partition on the Drive then copy it to External Drive. You boot with the Acronis Rescue CD that you can make and I think the Acronis Retail CD boots to let you restore the Image

  woodchip 11:20 10 Dec 2008

I only use the Image, not incremental backups as it messes the Partitions up. I then backup Mail etc separate as I need to, these I can copy back at any time I need to

  hiwatt 11:33 10 Dec 2008

I've got most of my music and photos on dvd's so the most important thing I want backed up is windows xp(as I never got any recovery cd)and my most recent music/photos.Another thought,when I restore the image to my hardrive will I be able to use my antivirus/spyware programs too?

  hiwatt 11:34 10 Dec 2008

I'm just wondering how I can use these programs if there not actually "installed" on the external drive?

  woodchip 18:56 10 Dec 2008

The Image puts it all back just as at the time you made the Image.

  hiwatt 19:04 10 Dec 2008

That sounds great.Just what I need.I've got a copy of acronis and an external hardrive on my letter to santa.Thanks folks.

  cocteau48 19:24 10 Dec 2008

"That sounds great"

..... it's the dogs bo**ocks .... if more people used it then an awful lot of the problems raised on this forum would still arise but could be solved without any hassle.

Once it has got you out of a fix and saved your bacon (and a reformat and hours and hours of work) then you will not consider computing without it.

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