Acronis problems (corrupt immage)

  GrumpyJ 21:48 05 Feb 2007

I have Acronis True Image Home® version 9.0 (build 3,677)

I did a full back up and then 2 incremental backups.These were stored on an external HD.

I had a major problem, and rather than do a complete reinstall, used the backup, but it told me that the backup was corrupted.
Any information as to what went wrong and any remedies please.

  Technotiger 21:54 05 Feb 2007

Hi, can't say what went wrong, 'cos everybody is different - but, in Acronis TI 10 there is an option to Verify the backup, I expect V9 has that too, so that you can make sure it is going to work ok at some time in the future. Next time you make a backup, look for the Verify feature when you have created it.


  GrumpyJ 21:58 05 Feb 2007

Thanks Technotiger. It did say that it had been created successfuly.

  Technotiger 22:04 05 Feb 2007

Hmmm, even so, I would still run the Verify feature if your version has it - though understandable that you should expect it to work ok. Maybe a note to Acronis themselves, I believe they are generally pretty helpfull.

  Strawballs 22:17 05 Feb 2007

click here I was given this link when I was having problems.

  GrumpyJ 09:30 06 Feb 2007

Thanks Technotiger I'll do that & Strawballs for the link

  rawprawn 09:43 06 Feb 2007

Are you sure that there was enough room on your external HD for a full backup and two incremental backups, remember if the full backup is not intact the incrementals won't work. You can set your version of Acronis to Validate the backup as it backs up. When you are doing a backup you come to a page that says options, choose Custom and then under additional settings choose Validate. It takes a lot longer but I believe it is worth it.I hope this helps.

  rawprawn 09:46 06 Feb 2007

PS. You should update your version, the latest is Build 3854.

  GrumpyJ 07:26 07 Feb 2007

Thanks everyone. It is a new HD and it has masses of space still free. I did a new backup yesterday and after doing this I ran the verify feature, and it was ok.
rawprawn, I'll do this the next time.

  rawprawn 08:33 07 Feb 2007

As well as running the Verify option, since you have had a corruption problem I would do an actual recovery using that backup point. That way you can be sure, it would be very unfortunate if you needed it in anger and it was corruppt like the old one. Better safe than sorry!

  silverous 08:56 07 Feb 2007

I'm still waiting to hear back from Acronis on a situation whereby I can access the archives from one Acronis install but not from another where it tells me they are not valid Acronis archives!

It is a bit worrying from something you rely on so much in a tight spot.

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