Acronis problem backing up Outlook

  Chris the Ancient 11:04 21 Mar 2008

This has only started very recently.

Using Outlook 2003 and Acronis 10.

When I try to back up my emails, It keeps 'crashing out' with an error and I don't get a save.

I have tried many things including:

* a system restore to a time when it did all work ok
* completely reformatting my back up hard drive and using Acronis to back up my separate system and data drives (successfully)
* completely removing Acronis with a regseeker clean after - then re-installing
* completely removing Outlook with a regseeker clean after - then re-installing

And I've now run out of ideas.



  Chris the Ancient 11:17 21 Mar 2008

Curioser and curioser!

I can back up the long-winded way using...

C:\Documents and Settings\My Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook


  MAT ALAN 11:28 21 Mar 2008

click here

doesn't solve the error but is quick and simple to use alternative...

  Chris the Ancient 11:40 21 Mar 2008

Yes, an alternative that I will bear in mind.

My current long-winded way I'll keep for now as it is run with the Acronis Scheduler when I keep everything incrementally backed up.

But, thanks for the idea.


  rawprawn 11:55 21 Mar 2008

I had the same problem with Acronis 10, and I started using this Microsoft Add in. I still use it even though my Acronis 11 works with no problems. It's a brilliant little tool.
click here

  Chris the Ancient 12:20 21 Mar 2008

I did try going down that path.

But... (how I hate that word)

My Office 2003 disc is an OEM one and, for some reason, I can't get MS to validate it! Whatever I do! I got the disc through a (seemingly) valid source (no longer in existence) and it has a registration key and everything. But it won't validate. Hmmm... But I shall try some more attempts at registering it and validating it. And see what I can do.

The main thing that will keep me going for now is that I can just back up, and increment, my .pst file using the long-winded method I've set up in Acronis.


  rawprawn 12:33 21 Mar 2008

Have a look here and see if this helps validate.
click here

  Chris the Ancient 12:58 21 Mar 2008

Had a good go through that page.

Unfortunately, I'm in the same state as the poor guy there. My copy Office is on the 'blocked' list. And like him, I have no recourse to the original vendor.

Looking through further pages in the MS stuff, I don't do well in the genuine replacement league either. What I thought was a genuine disc isn't. It doesn't even have a hologram. Seems that I was well and truly suckered there - at quite a large cost! Even if I was in the league for a replacement, they would only offer a standard Office setup - and I have the Pro setup because I do quite a lot of things in Access.

So, one well and truly hacked off user who now needs to see if there is a (cheap) way of getting a genuine Office 2003 Pro disc - coz I can't afford to upgrade to 2007!


  rawprawn 13:30 21 Mar 2008

click here just happened to google

  Chris the Ancient 13:52 21 Mar 2008

Had a look - but a lot of the links don't work on that site.

I'm going to have my lunch, do some shopping and then search, in a similar vein, with google.

The (slight) worry is... Am I compounding my 'illegal' software problems by trying to use an over-ride defeat?

  PO79 13:59 21 Mar 2008

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