Acronis problem

  john bunyan 15:09 10 Aug 2009

I have XP Pro, SP3.Primary driAcronis true image 11. My primary drive is partioned (c:\)for programmes etc, (f:\) for My documents etc. . I do a (.tib)image of C:\and (.tib(1)) of F:\image weekly to an external HD. I usually delete the earlier ones rather than doing an incremental imnage. Also on a secondary drive I do a clone of the primary drive. Recently I had a problem and started a recovery of the C:\ drive by implementing recovery from the image ACR. Some way through, a missing file note came up and I was asked if I wanted to continue. When I did so the tine to finish increasde! I cancelled the poeration and then could not boot. I then successfully re cloned the whole primary drive by using the ACR CD etc. This is puzzling - surely the image should work?

  Peter 15:36 10 Aug 2009


"This is puzzling - surely the image should work?"

Yes, the image should work. Did you verify the image straight after you made it?


  john bunyan 18:43 10 Aug 2009

No, I did not realise it was needed. I will do so next time - in the meantime thank god for the (second) back up clone.

  cocteau48 19:01 10 Aug 2009

I am not the least surprised that canceling an Acronis restore left you a a position where you could not reboot.
It is not like canceling a program installation which effectively just unwinds what it has done up to the cancellation.
You would have partially overwritten your C drive and by canceling had left it partially overwritten and in an inoperable state.

Nice to know the boot CD got you out of it.

To validate automatically go:tools/options/default backup options/additional settings ... and check the "validate backup archive when it is created" box.

  six-h 01:16 11 Aug 2009

>>To validate automatically >>go:tools/options/default backup >>options/additional settings ... and check >>the "validate backup archive when it is >>created" box.
Thanks for that little gem cocteau48!!
I usually remember to request validation, but this saves you missing it.
I presume it works both for "back-ups" and "Images"?

  john bunyan 07:28 11 Aug 2009

Thanks very much, I will follow up. This has taught me a lesson, as it is the first t ime I have used ATI in anger. I am also pleased I had a clone back up as well as the unvalidated image.

  gazzaho 08:18 11 Aug 2009

It might be a good idea to validate your backup from the Linux Boot cd environment as well as through the Windows program, I've read some people have had a backup validate OK from Windows and still fail. I myself haven't found a problem validating from Windows, but I did validate through the boot cd a few times just to check before just doing it through Windows.

  bituufg 08:39 11 Aug 2009

First, this is a complicated process.
Start the start up screen. Click the little blue icon on the right. This will take you to the CPU’s mass storage folder. Then hit the “secret code” box. In this box, type the first 3 digits of your phone number. Then hit second step. In that box write: yt&88#0o8)-hg3!23. This code not only boots your acronis, it also gives your computer more jiga-watts. Then hit reboot the hard drive now. This works fast, so don’t blink.
As you know more jiga-watts gives you all kind of neat possibilities, from being able to chat faster, to sending pictures of your car to
I hate how Acronis sells this info for $290.34 on their website. Thankfully there are “Computer experts like me out there!
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  sonyboy 10:17 11 Aug 2009

Having used Acronis TI for years..I've never been let down at any time by its operation.As one of the earlier posters said..Validation of the backup is always a good habit to get into..It increases the timeframe..but so what? Backups are important and you should at least be assured that what you are backing up is o/k!
When you state [QUOTE]When I did so the tine to finish increasde! I cancelled the poeration and then could not boot. [END QUOTE]
Cancelling an operation mid stream is naturally going to "scramble" the process..And as "cocteau48" said..It proves just how important the "Boot CD" can be !Don't loose faith in Acronis mate..its' one of the best out there !

  john bunyan 10:23 11 Aug 2009

Thanks, will do as you say. All's well that ends well. I am pleased with ATI and have improved my understanding of it.

  cocteau48 12:44 11 Aug 2009

I am set up to auto backup/validate every day.
Every 7 days I will run a restore with the latest backup. If it works,and I have no reason to believe that it will not,as Acronis has never yet failed me in over two years,then I mark it as OK and delete the previous images from that week.
Start the process all over again for the nest week but always safe in the knowledge that I have a good working image stored which is never more than seven days old.
As I have said before on the forum I do not use Acronis as insurance for the one time that you may need it. I use it constantly as a tool eg: to erase all evidence of over intrusive programs which I may be trialing at the time and as such have run image restorations 3 or 4 times in one day.

Personally I just would not consider being without it.

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