Acronis or Norton Ghost

  ACOLYTE 21:24 21 Mar 2006

Instead of pinching s1 elses thread i though i would start my own,lol
I have a mag cover disk that has norton ghost 2005 on it,i was thinking of giving this a try but when scanning the forum most people seem to be pushing acronis,so my question,is ghost not that good,or simply more expensive than acronis?
i assume they both backup your hard drive the same way.Or is there somthing other i should know about ghost?

  VoG II 21:31 21 Mar 2006

Despite my general dislike of Norton products, I have Norton Ghost 9.0 and it works well for me. My USB external HDD came bundled with Acronis but I bought Ghost instead - I had heard apocryphal tales from those who had used Acronis but when the moment of truth arrived it failed to install. I have checked that my Ghost will boot from the CD (needed in case of catastrophic failure) but I have not yet had to try it 'in anger' and actually restore an image.

I would imagine that others prefer Acronis and have bad tales to tell asbout Ghost. Such is software and individual preference.

  VoG II 21:32 21 Mar 2006

I meant "... moment of truth arrived it failed to RESTORE".

  ACOLYTE 21:38 21 Mar 2006

Do you have to have an external drive to save to?
or could i use my slave internal one?,im starting from scratch as far as acronis/ghost is concerned,i have not yet built up courage to install ghost,lol i guess i am a little worried i may do somthing wrong and scupper my pc,witch is at the minute is behaving nicly.What version would ghost 2005 be? i guess an oldish one if its on a pc cover disk.I have also download the free trail of acronis,would it be wise to install both and compare them that way?.

  VoG II 21:44 21 Mar 2006

On my new PC I now have a second internal HDD and save to that - it is a lot faster than saving to the external one. I presume that Acronis will do that as well. They should even save to a different partition on the same physical drive but I wouldn't be happy with doing that - if the drive fails, it fails as it were.

  terryf 21:48 21 Mar 2006

I used to use norton products but went away from them because they seemed to me to take over the machine. I now use Acronis, I do a full backup to a usb hd and then do incremental backups.However I do not have any data (docs, pics, etc )on my C drive, all this except for outlook express is on D. To back-up emails and OE accounts I use EA8 to backup these on to D. Acronis makes a bootable cd that gives a windows like interface to restore the OS and programs. It takes about 15 mins to backup and a similar time to restore. Then I just have to update spyware and AV with the latest definitions

  Danoh 21:51 21 Mar 2006

No longer available, but I have achieved bare-metal restores using DriveImage7 a couple of times and full soft restores many more times then that.

Will be able to report back on True Image 9 after I've installed and tested a soft restore (will have to think of an excuse to get a second SATA drive to try a bare metal restore :-).

  ACOLYTE 21:58 21 Mar 2006

So i guess its down to preference witch is the better product,i jsut started the ghost install and im already stuck lol,what is the best install to choose
console,console client,or just standerd tools?

  Pine Man 15:48 22 Mar 2006

I know you have ticked the box but thought would add my thoughts to this thread.

I am a strong supporter of Norton products and have tried Ghost 2003, Ghost 9 and Ghost10. The most reliable of the lot was Ghost 2003 but it was very slow and ran on PC DOS. I had all sorts of problems with Ghost 9 that Norton couldn't resolve despite a lot of advice and guidance from them and eventually they gave me a refund! Ghost 10 started off ok then kept telling me that my back ups were corrupt. I tried contacting Norton but they no longer have an email supported web site so I ditched Ghost 10 and bought True Image 9. What a breath of fresh air. It worked perfectly from the start and I have done several full restores which were quick and problem free. The restores, which were to a different hard drive, even fooled Microsoft as XP didn't need re-activation.
There is a very good forum for True Image which is monitored by Acronis staff, who frequently answer the queries that arise and are very here

  gudgulf 16:35 22 Mar 2006

Having lust today successfully restored my "c" drive from a USB2 external drive with Acronis 7 I have to say that is has not let me down when needed.

I have used it for total restores of my sysstem drive and other partitions,for transferring partitions to new drives and recovering deleted files from a mounted backup image on the external drive.The only proviso to that is I find it best to have only the backup drive attached and all other USB devices unplugged.

Works just as well from a second internal drive.

Most importantly the user interface is simple and intuitive.....all program functions are available from the boot/rescue cd including backing up.I find that particularly useful when imaging the C drive....No need to boot into Windows so no danger of miss-copying due to "in use" system files.

I suppose I should update to version 9 but i find it diificult to move on from a product that I know's saved my bacon more than a few times!

  gudgulf 16:38 22 Mar 2006

Errr.....I should point out that the fist three words should read "Having JUST today....."

Keen as I am on all things computer "lust" is not the word I would choose to describe my affliction!!


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