Acronis-a little help please

  The Mountaineer 14:06 05 Dec 2009

Two weeks into my new W7 Dell laptop and I've finally transferred all my data across and loaded Acronis as my previous backup programme (Retrospect 6) didnt work on W7
I've done a tib file backup of my C drive and wanted to do a zip backup of my data. Full backup accomplished ok to the external WD drive this morning.In both cases a schedule has been set.
This afternoon as part of my finding my way around the programme I have tried a couple of incremental backups to the zip files and folders backup, but in each case it has been running for 10 mins or so and showing me a projected time of between 3-8 hours! Surely I'm missing something here as i've only added two new word docs.
Does this ring anybody's bell as something I may have messed up?

  woodchip 14:14 05 Dec 2009

You can use Acronis to Image your Drive to External Backup Drive using the Acronis Disc to boot from or create the Boot Rescue Media CD to boot from and create a Image. We are hear only talking Creating a Image not separate backups. In a Image Everything is is backed up including OS and Software plus all files on the drive

  The Mountaineer 14:44 05 Dec 2009

yeees ..... but that doesn't answer why incremental backups of data is taking 3-8 hours

  Woolwell 15:16 05 Dec 2009

Is that the information that Acronis is providing or actual time?
I have not found Acronis to be very quick on any back up - image (which is what woodchip is talking about) or file.

  The Mountaineer 15:41 05 Dec 2009

Woolwell the first incremental I tried took almost 3 hours (despite only being 2 additional files), the second had been going for 10 mins and the information provided by Acronis said it would be 8 hours at which point I stopped it

  Woolwell 15:45 05 Dec 2009

I've very little experience of Acronis but my latest back up today gave indications of 6 mins, over an hour then 1 min (widely optimistic) and then 7 hrs and is still going. But this is a full file back up including video.

  The Mountaineer 16:05 05 Dec 2009

My first full backup of around 65Gb took something like 5 hours I think, but 3 hours for 0.1Mb for an incremental seems ...... a little long. If there are experienced users of acronis tuned in maybe they can tell me if this is something I just have to live with or .... have i messed something up?

  TopCat® 16:27 05 Dec 2009

Acronis TI 10 and it took around 1 hour to complete, including a check of all files after transfer to my external HDD.

Out of interest, I bought this software in 2008 and then forgot about it until recently when my computer failed to boot up. I first thought one of my ageing RAID 0 disks had failed but thankfully it was the CMOS battery that had expired. Now after that fright, I'm determined to use Acronis on a regular basis from now on! TC.

  Pine Man 16:46 05 Dec 2009

I am using ATI 2010.

My HD contains 43GB. Doing a full back up and validating it takes exactly 13 minutes!

You must have some of your settings wrong.

Just as an aside you will find that most long time users of ATI steer clear of differential and incremental back ups as they can cause a problem. I do a full back up about once a week or when adding or removing something. However this would be prohibitive for you given the time it takes until you sort out your installation.

  The Mountaineer 16:55 05 Dec 2009

Ok Pineman, thanks.
Is your backup an image/tib file or a zip so you can read files and folders on a different computer without Acronis?

  Pine Man 16:57 05 Dec 2009

Mine are .tib files I haven't tried zip files. In fact why do you need to save as a zip?

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