Acronis and incremental back ups

  exdragon 13:18 17 Feb 2005

I've read the book and lost the plot...

I currently have my first full back up on an unpartitioned external hard drive. When I start an incremental back up, I get the message 'This image archive will be created on the same partition that you are going to back up. Copy this archive to another partition because you will not be able to restore this image archive should the partition become corrupted'.

Does this mean I have to make 3 partition, one for my normal work and one each for the full and incremental back ups? The wizard says to pick the full back up I want to append the incremental one to, so I'm a bit confused.

It's Acronis 8.0, updated yesterday as per a link from this forum. And I've got XP


  mattyc_92 14:01 17 Feb 2005

Just select the full system backup when it asks and then just select the option "append new changes" and that should be it...

  exdragon 14:16 17 Feb 2005

but it seems to be saying that I have to copy the original full back up spmewhere else before I can do the incremental one - or am I being particularly dense??

  ventanas 14:56 17 Feb 2005

The way it should work is that all images, full and incremental are stored in the same folder, then if you have to restore you just choose any one. It doesn't matter which. Its much more difficult if images are stored in separate folders. I don't actually understand the message, it seems to be contradicting itself. Did it work properly before the update, because I haven't installed it yet, if so perhaps uninstall and reinstall.

You can also try their support click here for the page.

  exdragon 15:09 17 Feb 2005

This is the first incremental one I've done: I'll just give it a go, ignore the message and append it to the full one. It seems so logical for them to be in the same place as you say. I'll contact support and see what they suggest.


  woodchip 15:30 17 Feb 2005

You cannot put the Backup on the same partition that you are backing up. It needs to go on another Partition. If you backup C:\ put the Image on D:\ or E:\ etc

  ventanas 15:38 17 Feb 2005

Ah, is that what it's saying, but as the image is going to a removeable drive, is it this drive that is being imaged? If so, as Woodchip says, it will stall.

  woodchip 15:46 17 Feb 2005

This say's it all. When I start an incremental back up, I get the message 'This image archive will be created on the same partition that you are going to back up.

  exdragon 16:46 17 Feb 2005

Ok, so I really need to partition the external one into two, keep my own stuff (photos) on one then have the first full back up on the second partition with incremental ones added to it on the same partition - do I have that right?

  SEASHANTY 16:49 17 Feb 2005


  ventanas 16:57 17 Feb 2005

Yes, but backing up a partition to another on the same disc is not really a good idea. If the disc goes down you've lost both. Ideally a separate drive for backups only is best. If that goes down you've still got the originals. if the originals go down, you've got the backup. A cd or dvd would be better, a second hard drive better still.

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