Acronis Home 2009 - I so need help - again!

  Stressed Mum 11:20 13 Sep 2009

Hello to you all ? I have worked with may of you before regarding Acronis. I have True Image Home 2009 – which I am absolutely sure is the right software for me and I have previously struggled through a back-up. But here I am 6 months later finding it all too much again! I have an external HD. True Image software and lots of music and photos to back up regularly. I have experienced losing some information from a previous PC crash and was never able to recover the data. So I was advised to buy this software and use it! Now, can an experience Acronis user help me please? I simply want to plug my external HD in one per week and back-up everything… I have already got a copy of the rebootable disc – but this is where I would like to go from here. Being a simpleton – please can someone explain to me how to simply plug in my external HD and click one or perhaps two buttons and it all backs up for me. I don’t need anything over complicated – just a straight forward easy to do copy/image/clone whatever you call it. Originally I would have liked to take the HD away to another PC and access the data – but now I realise that this perhaps cannot be done unless I follow a different copy/back-up route. Anyway, this ‘one-click’ method appeals to me – but I simply cannot work my way around it – I keep coming across partitions etc. I am at the moment struggling through what I believe to be an incremental back-up – which has been running now for 3 hours. Is this normal. Doh! Feeling very frustrated. You’ll need to be patient with me – so if you dare – please help. Thanks. SM ?

  mooly 12:24 13 Sep 2009

I use Acronis, but not on a separate HDD. And I found it so confusing at first and yet it's not.
I would suggest this.
1. Install Acronis onto the PC and use it from within Windows unless you have a major problem and absolutely have to use a boot disc. Put a shortcut to the desktop so it's always handy to use.
2. Plug your HDD in and go to "computer" and make sure it's shown correctly and that you know what it's called e.g xxxx Disc F etc.

3. Click on Acronis to open it.
4. Select tasks and create a task. The wizard will walk you through it. You want to back up the whole C drive if that is where all your progs and data are. Say no to passwords, use the default options etc. Make sure you select your HDD as the location and give your backup a name such as Sept 2009 etc and select do not run automatically.

5. Exit Acronis.

6. Open Acronis again to now make the backup. Select tasks and your new task will be listed. Click on it and the backup should start.
In a couple of days say you want to "add" to that backup so you just repeat step 6 and just the changes that have occurred since the last backup will be added.

That's enough for now :)

  mooly 12:26 13 Sep 2009

Step 6, you have to click run of course after selecting the task.

  cocteau48 12:58 13 Sep 2009

Further to mooly's excellent resume I would not bother with an incremental backup ... only a full backup. Incrementals can cause more bother than they are worth.
The time it takes will,of course,depend on the size of the partition which you are backing up.
My 9Gb takes about 10/12 minutes to do a full backup and about the same to verify. Your 3 hours does not sound right unless you are backing up a huge amount.
Also your ext HD should be plugged into a USB 2.0 post (if you have one... it is possible that you do not if it is a very old machine and may only have USB 1.1 ports)
My three year old machine has a single USB 1.1 on the front but the four on the back are USB 2.0.
Using a 1.1 port will slow things down.

  rawprawn 15:32 13 Sep 2009

Further to the advice given regarding Acronis which I use as you wanted once a week.
If you are backing up Photos and Music an excellent program is Sync Toy click here
Make two new folders on your external drive Music and Pictures, then create them in Sync Toy after that just Synchronise one click and the program will ensure that all your music and photos are backed up onto your external HD,

  Stressed Mum 16:57 13 Sep 2009

Woops! Where to start? Thank you all. I have followed mooly's advice. When I get to tasks and select computer backup I go to a page that shows partitions etc. I tick all the boxes and specify which HD to backup to. It's doing this now - I think - running away in the background. I have not set up a schedule as suggested I have put it onto the desk top and will set myself a reminder to do it weekly. My C drive has 86.5GB in use and all this needs to be backed up - that's why it takes so so long. I have also ticked the boxes for complete back up rather than incremental as I will be running it out of hours so it won't effect the PC usage. My External HD came across a problem as it was filling up and there wasn't enough free space?? 5000GB! So I deleted all the previous attempts at Acronis backup and renamed the current one with todays date. When I next do a backup should I delete the previous one, or perhaps keep 2 on there at time. I have also previous copy and pasted my Music/Photos which I will remove now and use this other backup SycToy. Any easy to - follow instructions on that one? Do I need to do another bootable CD or anything with Acronis or keep the one I did in April? Is this all I need to feel secure that in the event of a failure I have everything I need? Thank you all very much.

  Stressed Mum 17:12 13 Sep 2009

Just a query on top of all the others I have - Acronis software purchased for the special one click protection - why should I not use this? Would appear a lot more simple??

  mooly 17:21 13 Sep 2009

Hi... thats' good timing lol.
This is something you have to be so sure on, because it's the one program that must never fail and always work when you need it. My Acronis version is TI10 but it will be very similar.
When you look at the external drive in "computer" afer the backup has run the new file should be there, xxxxxx.tib as a file extension.
When you have made that backup and exited Acronis, run Acronis again to make the incremental addition (assuming you set an Incremental as the type of backup), odd files will have changed in that time and see what happens, how long it takes and the "new" Acronis file that will now be on the HDD. It will be xxxxx2.tib to show it's the second in the "tree"

You have to be clear on all this so it's second nature :)

  rawprawn 17:25 13 Sep 2009

You don't need another bootable CD the one you have made will be fine.
No reason not to use One Click, it will schedule itself to backup again in 7 days. That should not worry you. If your External HD is not connected it can't backup, but if you go to Tasks and Log, right click on the task it has scheduled (whenever you want) and choose Start it will backup and reschedule for 7 days later.

  mooly 17:25 13 Sep 2009

Partitions ? Your C drive contains the operating system and program files. Do you store all your personal stuff there or on another partition ?
Only ask with you saying you ticked everything.

  Stressed Mum 17:30 13 Sep 2009

I really don't know - there were three boxes to tick - so I did to be sure - and another listed below which was my external HD which I did not tick.

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