Acronis experts assistance required please!

  hiwatt 10:23 18 Oct 2011

Hi folks. I've just got the Acronis TI(2012)program and installed it but I'm not really sure how to use it?I would like to do a back up of just my OS(Windows XP)if this is possible?As well as a complete back up of my C drive.I've also noticed since installing it my computer has slowed down quite a bit and Acronis has a few services running constantly!They are,True Image monitor.exe,schedul2.exe and schedhlp.exe.Do these need to be running at all times if I am not backing anything up?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:50 18 Oct 2011

schedul2.exe is for automatic scheduled backups

schedhlp.exe is schedule help

neither needed if you have not set a schedule for your back ups (I backup weekly on a Friday night)

You can only copy the OS if it is on a separate partition.

  hiwatt 11:00 18 Oct 2011

Thanks Fruit Bat!My OS is on my C:drive with everything else! How do I do a full back up of my C:drive?I don't understand what the incremental back ups are?Do you know if I can also stop True image monitor from running at boot up?Thanks.

  hiwatt 11:29 18 Oct 2011

Sorry I should have maybe been more specific?Under "disc back up options" do I select back up sector by sector?Also there is an option to create a bootable disc incase the computer won't boot?The Acronis disc itself is a bootable dvd so I'm not sure if I have to create another "rescue" disc?As I say I am complete novice when it comes to backing up so any help is much appreciated.Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:47 18 Oct 2011

If you have the Acronis disc then you do not need to make the bootable media

Backing up Incremental

It will do a full image first time, after that it will just backup any changes. therefore quicker on back ups.

I was never happy with that so I go for two different images every two weeks

Schedule a backup of C: and give it a title then schedule another backup of C and give it a different title, if one fails then you have the second one to fall back on.

Have a read of this tutorial

  woodchip 12:26 18 Oct 2011

If I was you I would uninstall Acronis and just use it to create backups by booting with the CD in the drive

  compumac 12:33 18 Oct 2011

I use Acronis Nonstop backup for my data and found the function very useful. You would not be able to use Nonstop backup unless fully installed.

  hiwatt 15:49 18 Oct 2011

Woodchip:Can you tell me how I would do this?I would much rather that becuase it really has alown my computer down quite a bit?I thought you had to have the program and all the extras installed to be able to create the back up in the first place and then to install it?

  gengiscant 16:27 18 Oct 2011

I have not used Acronis for a couple of years as it seems to be more bloated each time there is an upgrade. As you have, I assume bought it, you will have to use it, but there are equally good and free alternatives.

  proudfoot 17:47 18 Oct 2011

There is no mention of where the backup is to be stored. You cannot backup to your C drive unless it is partitioned and then you will be able to place the backup on that partition. Though this will be no good if your internal hard drive fails. It is preferable to backup to a separate hard drive I use a 1TB USB drive. I have all my downloads etc., data, video, music, email store folder on my USB drive. In fact almost everything other than my system and program files. If you partition your drive so it is large enough for you sysem and program files plus a bit for future programs you will find restoring a backup will be quicker.

  john bunyan 18:52 18 Oct 2011

Being a bit (too) cautious this is what I do: I have a second built in HD(in a removable caddy) (I:)and a USB HD (L:). My main hd is partitioned into C: for all system and programme files and, in my case F: for data . Actually I have most data in a folder: F;\My Documents - with sub folders for spreadsheets, word, photos, music, Outlook etc.Every day I use Freefilesyhnch or Synch toy to do a mirror image of my data (My Documents) to the L: drive.About once a week I make a ATI image (.tib) of the C: drive to the external HD, as others have said I prefer an entire image rather than an incremental one. I keep the latest two images, deleting the oldest after the third one. I also "verify" the image in ATI.Then about once a month I swap caddies with a new HD the same size (500 gig) as my primary disc and make an ATI clone after a scan for malware and viruses and a defrag of the main drive. Maybe a bit OTT!

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