Acronis E-Mail

  woodchip 21:42 30 Jul 2009

Can you read this as I cannot, no Idea what format they have sent it in.

Just part of the message


  MAT ALAN 21:46 30 Jul 2009

you been on the Vimto woodchip, corse we can't read it, its secret code silly!!!

  woodchip 21:49 30 Jul 2009

I sent them a reply, to ask what format the mail is in

  lotvic 21:57 30 Jul 2009

It is this one
"Save 50% on Upgrade to the latest version of Acronis True Image Home!"

the gobbledegook that you have posted is exactly the same as I get when I rightclick the email > Properties > Details > message source

MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
"Cjxib2R5Pg0KPHRhYmxlIGNlbGxwYWRkaW5nPSIwIiBjZWxsc2FwY2luZz0iMCIgd2lkdGg9IjEw.... etc etc "

So at a guess I think that you are set for plain text and it is a HTLM content email so the pictures are not displaying.

  lotvic 22:03 30 Jul 2009

also further down it says
Content-type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT

and then just above the gobbledegook it says
Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

  woodchip 22:04 30 Jul 2009

My Mail is set to Character Encoding Western (ISO-8859-01)

  woodchip 22:07 30 Jul 2009

I use Netscape 7.2 mail client so I cannot do what you do. Sounds like you are using Outlook Express

  Technotiger 22:44 30 Jul 2009

I use Incredimail, and got the same 50% off offer for Acronis 2009 Home - but mine was all straight-forward readable. No problem at all.

  DieSse 23:30 30 Jul 2009

"I use Netscape 7.2 mail client"

Er - it's 2009 woodchip


  woodchip 13:13 31 Jul 2009

Yep, and I am 73, and still like and use Netscape mail. But use Flock now as Browser. Only keep Netscape on for my Mail, as I have used this since cannot remember.

  DieSse 21:03 31 Jul 2009

"Yep, and I am 73, and still like and use Netscape mail."

Not quite as old as you then - but still past it's "sell-by" date.

Or then again, perhaps it was simply garbled in transmission - it can happen now and then.

Why not bite the bullet and switch to Thunderbird - it's excellent.

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