Acronis and a duplicate HD

  Diemmess 10:13 17 Aug 2012

or how I waste my time!

Using XP Pro I backup my C: drive (OS and major apps only) about twice per month. Restoration of these .tib files is a relative doddle, saving a lot of messing with configurations or ridding myself of the occasional software that I wish I hadn't installed.

About annually I restore another clone of the entire internal HD to a spare HD, so that in the event of mechanical failure I can plug this spare instead and need only some updating for my recovering PC

It has always worked on the few occasions when I have tested this potential saver

The last day or two has been a waste of time trying to repeat this process. ......Using Acronis, made an image to an external HD, then disconnected the resident HD and substituted the future spare HD and restore the tib file to that.

Boot up to the "new" HD and whereas before everything ran as it should this time booting (normal or safe mode) stalls just before the desktop is displayed. At this point instead of the large sinple message of Welcome, I have the same colour background and a smaller Windows Logo in the centre. What can I do to make it run?

(The HDs the hold a working OS are both SATA, any others for data including tib files are IDE).

Late thought: Originally I "imaged" and restored the other drives as well as C: ............I don't want to go to that trouble but perhaps there is a link or more in the D: and E: drives which is not found and stalls the OS?

  rdave13 10:38 17 Aug 2012

If I've got this right, you've removed the working drive C and replaced with backup drive that was a previous image of C. This backup drive won't boot now to create another image through Windows and ATI. Just wondering if you could boot from the ATI rescue disk and use another image from an external drive to get it working again?

  Diemmess 11:40 17 Aug 2012

Thanks rdave13

Not quite right. This is a time consuming attempt to bring a spare HD up to date, and so be available if the resident HD becomes mechanically useless. Almost wish I hadn't bothered. Ordinary regular bachkups of the system drive like the PC itself continue to run normally, D.G.

Having spent so much time trying to produce a workable spare has annoyed me, so I will spend more time just to prove a point.

Now, as hinted at the end of my original post, I am going to backup/restore the remaining data drives on the spare HD, because I suspect that not all the crucial references are available to match the two HDs. I may have made significant changes since I last did this! Changing anti spyware and Firewall for a start.

With competition of things I must do it may be later today before I have any answer.

  lotvic 12:02 17 Aug 2012

If you are wanting to play with it, try cloning your C: to produce a workable spare.

I've got a couple of extra HDD's on order because similar to you I like being able to just plug another HDD in and use it straightaway :)

  Diemmess 16:29 17 Aug 2012

lotvic thanks.

That is exactly what what I am trying to do. It must be obvious to most that I'm not good at keeping my posts brief.

Acronis backup of Partition C: (Disk 1 has only OS and applications) If things get "difficult" I have no trouble restoring a recent copy and carrying on normally.

BUT. I tried to restore C to a physically identical "spare" HD which had been neglected for a year, the result wouldn't boot XP to welcome, only to a small Microsoft logo. In spite of repeats, and verifications, the spare HD will not run.

I tried "restoring" the other partitions in case the spare one had some outdated or altered links. Still no difference except that F8 now doesn't do anything! Normal up to pale blue screen as usual but instead of Welcome, I get the small Microsoft logo, full stop.

The only major changes in the last 6 months were using Avast and Comodo instead of old faithful AVG and ZA. I'm not impressed so far.

Probably shelved for now unless anyone has a new idea or perhaps I might try Repair with the original XP disk.

  rdave13 23:40 17 Aug 2012

I dumped Comodo years ago. Going , or got, the way Norton was.

  Diemmess 16:57 02 Sep 2012

My apology for this confusion of everything.

A new thread kept as short as possible (for me) resolved my problem - Windows XP clone wont boot

I'm a "happy chappie" again

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