Acronis and disk sizes

  exdragon 12:48 02 Feb 2012

Hi - I've just opened Acronis (TI Home 11) and see that the amount of data which Acronis shows bears no relation to that shown on the disks in My Computer.

For example, for three drives, Acronis shows 41 GB, 4 GB and 0 GB (this is the C drive), while the in My Computer, properties of the corresponding drives are 11 GB, 859 MB and 59 GB. If I look at the properties of the last back ups I did, the sizes are roughly what I would expect.

Can anyone throw any light on this, please?

  woodchip 12:51 02 Feb 2012

Yes you are looking at compressed images

  exdragon 13:11 02 Feb 2012

Isn't that the other way round? If the actual usage on the drive is 11 GB, how does Acronis try to back up 41 GB? I could have understood it if the drive to be backed up had properties of 41 GB, but Acronis compressed it to 11 GB.

I admit to being totally baffled by Acronis, but despite looking at various alternatives, still can't decide what to replace it with. Pencil and paper would have less effect on my blood pressure!

  Housten 16:00 02 Feb 2012


I admit I am biased, as a check back through previous postings will confirm. I would not touch acronis now with your bargepole, never mind mine. I am now using Macrium Reflect and Paragon backup & recovery. Of the two I am tending towards Reflect, even though it doesn't do differential backups. What I want is just a simple fast backup and Reflect can do a 40 GB backup in less than 20 minutes. Better still is that whist both can be bought I am using their free versions. best of luck whatever you decide to do.

  john bunyan 16:05 02 Feb 2012

Housten.Does Reflect also allow a clone as well as an image?(Sorry, exdragon to intrude on your thread)

  exdragon 08:38 03 Feb 2012

No problem, John Bunyan.

Housten - I may have another look at Macrium. I think I did previously, but as with everything, there's the, 'Yes, it's wonderful' versus 'What a load of ...'. I'm not bothered about differential backup, as I always do full ones, with the oldest dropping off the end, so to speak.

I just want something I can understand, although I must confess that an earlier version of Acronis worked perfectly and, as the saying goes, saved my bacon a couple of times.

  Housten 14:23 03 Feb 2012

john bunyan,

I think the answer is 'Yes'. The reason being that on the page I get when I open the programme hee is an icon with 'Clone this disc'. However as I do not know what the difference between a simple backup - whether compressed or not - and a cloned backup is, I do not use this!


As I said before I have done weekly backups but what I wanted was to do a monthly backup and then differential ones between, which is what I sometimes do with Paragon, the only trouble being that the differential seems to take even longer than the base full backup. With Reflect doing a full backup - even with full compression - in less than 20 minutes I am inclining to Reflect. The time is for a 44 GB+ 'C' partition, my only reservation being that I have not, as yet, tried to do a recovery from a backup. When I get the time I will try this, bt in the meantime I am happy with Reflect.

Hope the above is of use to either and/or both of you!!!

  exdragon 14:26 03 Feb 2012

Thank you. I just downloaded Easeus after reading the PCA review, and will try Reflect too.

  mooly 08:31 09 Feb 2012

I see you have ticked both this and your duplicate as resolved...

Acronis I use daily, and wouldn't be without it. Just wondered if the sizes you were seeing were the full original partition/disk sizes and not just the data on them.

My 52gb C partiton with 25gb used translates to a 14gb Acronis image with normal compression. That takes around 25 minutes to create. Incremental backups take as long for the first image and then perhaps 3 minutes for each subsequent daily run. A restore takes around 40 minutes.

And it has never ever ever failed on restoring an image. I use it to try stuff out knowing I can just go back.

Tried Paragon on friends W7 laptop and found it painfully slow and unfriendly. The free version did not allow incrementals and differentials as you are finding out are slow.

Whatever you end up using you have to trust it completely and be comfortale with how to use it.

  exdragon 09:53 09 Feb 2012

mooly - I'm obviously getting myself into a total twist with this, aren't I? I'll give it one last chance tonight, and will make a note of sizes. I want to understand it and it should be so simple, shouldn't it?

Perhaps I'm looking at the wrong thing: from the main home screen of Acronis, where all the backs ups are listed, my disk labelled G shows Total 41.22 GB. If I then select Disk Backup, it shows that 12.2 GB of 152.7 GB has been used.

I don't like being beaten by anything I've paid for...but just don't get me started on Nikon's Capture NX2!

  mooly 12:29 09 Feb 2012

I use TI 10 but TI 11 looks almost identical.

Does this help ?

From the first home screen I click "Tasks" and then I create a new incremental backup as a "task".

The images here look the same as I see.

Look at the pics. On the "partitions selection" screen tick "C" for your main drive. Not sure what your 4gb partition is you mentioned. It could be the "recovery partition". Tick what you want to backup anyhow.

On the next backup location screen just browse to a suitable drive or partition and call the backup anything you want. Acronis adds the .tib file type whether you type it or not.

Then just click through accepting default options for all and let it run.

I use Acronis on a laptop and backup the C partition to the D partition on the same HDD. They are my running backups for immediate use if I need them. The downside is that if the HDD fails I loose the lot.

So I also make a "month end" full backup and copy that to an external HDD. I also copy "docs, music, pics" to a flash drive without using Acronis as and when I feel like it.

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