Acronis and Confused Hard Drives

  AlanHo 17:49 30 Jul 2007

My Vista computer is working fine – but I am having a slight problem with Acronis.

If I inspect the drives using Disk Management in Control Panel, I can see both my internal hard drives , each being divided into two partitions.

Disk O…. Appears as drives E: and F:
Disk 1….Appears as drives C: and D:

The critical thing is that my C: drive contains the OS and all programmes. Hence the computer knows that the OS is on Disk 1 and seems happy with it. Explorer lists the drives in alphabetical order no problem.

The problem is with Acronis – I can take back-ups of the C: drive and can select the E: drive to store them. However, when I try to do a restore Acronis thinks that the OS and programmes are on the E: drive (presumably because it is on Disk 0). I therefore have to select the E: drive as the location to restore the OS and programmes and Acronis will happily write the restore to what is actually the C: drive. It is very confusing and is bound to lead to grief at some future time when I forget to transpose things.

It seems to me that the answer is swap the identity of the hard drives so that C: is on Drive 0 – rather than Drive 1.

What is the best way of getting drives C: and D: onto Disk 0 and drives E: and F: onto Disk 1 – hopefully without the need to reinstall Vista and programmes all over again.

Is it as simple as swapping the drives physically in the tower – if so – will the computer boot OK or do I also have to fiddle with the BIOS.

Or…is it possible to make a change in the BIOS that will fix the problem – if so – what and how.

  SANTOS7 17:53 30 Jul 2007

Acronis thinks that the OS and programmes are on the E: drive.

Well they are, if you format C:/ you are going to get your back-up from E:/ which is where you put it which as i see it is whats supposed to happen...

  skidzy 18:35 30 Jul 2007

I think i would try changing the drives over i assume ide.
Though not sure this would work,to me it looks like its connected incorrectly.

Check that Disk 1 C:/ is connected to the Black connector and not the grey.
This should be then the master disk 0 and slave would be disk 1.

Hopefully reassigning the drive letters.

I maybe wrong and others will correct me if so.

  SANTOS7 19:03 30 Jul 2007

Acronis TI is doing exctly what it is supposed to do
copy C:/ to E:/ restoring E:/ to C:/

yuo say; therefore have to select the E: of course you do, that is where the backup is stored, and where does it go!! C:/ exactly where you want it...

  skidzy 19:19 30 Jul 2007

Hello mate..hows those fingers doing !!

I must be confused or totally misunderstanding this,though Acronis is doing the job it sounds a bit confusing.

I know its only a matter of understanding the drive letters correctly,but would it not be a lot easier if C:/ was on Disk 0

If im right,the drives seem back to now confusing myself and the thoughts Lol :-)

  woodchip 19:24 30 Jul 2007

Acronis Checks BIOS for Drives Not Windows, That's Why it lists drives as it does. So it depends on how you have connected and use the drives

  SANTOS7 19:24 30 Jul 2007

Hey skidzy,hows it hangin dude, the way i see it AlanHo has MASTER HDD and OPTICAL drive on one channel and SECONDARY HDD and OPTICAL drive on the other.
It is easy to confuse yourself when you go looking for problems that are not really there...

  AlanHo 19:26 30 Jul 2007

I have obviously not described the problem clearly.

In order to get Acronis to restore the C: drive I have to tell it that the target is E:.

Acronis seems to assume that the first drive on the first disk is the C: drive - which in my case it isn't.

I appreciate it is a difficult concept to both describe and grasp.

By the way - my drives are SATA.

  SANTOS7 19:27 30 Jul 2007

Even if he hasn't it does not make any diference to the job T.Image will do...

  SANTOS7 19:28 30 Jul 2007

hang on a mo and i'll see what mine says i use TI10

  SANTOS7 19:45 30 Jul 2007

I am a little confused now as to how the prog recognises a path to a completely diferent drive letter and why you cannot manually select C:/ in the restore wizard when you are prompted to

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