acronis clone question

  karmgord 20:06 07 Nov 2009

my laptop hard drive is password protected via the laptop bios
i've cloned the hard drive with acronis
does this make the cloned drive bios password protected?

  mfletch 20:10 07 Nov 2009

Good question but I would have thought not?

  DieSse 20:39 07 Nov 2009

The BIOS passwords do no normally protect "the hard drive"

They protect access to the BIOS and prevent booting the drive. They reside in the BIOS. They will not change via doing anything to the hard drive.

The cloned drive will in any case be an exact duplicate of the original drive.

So - nothing should have changed from previously.

  karmgord 17:15 08 Nov 2009

there is an option within the Bios to password protect access to the hard drive,this is followed with the warning that if forgotten the hard drive will become useless!
i'm NOT talking about the bios password that restricts access to the bios settings.

  canarieslover 17:51 08 Nov 2009

Can you clear the bios in the laptop? Which laptop is it?

  DieSse 19:00 08 Nov 2009

I don't of course, know your BIOS - there are normally two passwords that can be set in the BIOS.

One is to prevent access to the BIOS itself. The other is to prevent access to the hard drive - ie to stop it booting. I'm assuming it's this latter one you are talking about.

If it is - it doesn't actually do anything to the hard drive - it just stops the BIOS bootstrap routine talking to the drive.

If yours is different, then I've not seen one. I still think though, that it can't stop a clone working. Try it and see perhaps?

  DieSse 19:03 08 Nov 2009

And it would stop a clone from booting without the password.

If your BIOS somehow writes something to the drive itself, that needs a password to get around it - then I cannot see why the clone should not have duplicated this change. After all that's what a clone should be - an exact duplicate of the original.

  karmgord 19:26 08 Nov 2009

i found this

click here

  gazzaho 20:12 08 Nov 2009

I found this page which suggests removing the password on a laptop drive before cloning. (click here)

I also found this site which suggests that the password removal, if forgotten, is not an easy thing to do. (click here)

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