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  al7478 17:03 09 Apr 2007

I posted a while ago a thread for advice on using Acronis to make a digital image backup of my system.

I have decided i would also like to make a full clone of my hard drive (which i sincerely hope never to have to use). Do i need to use a separate external HD for this, and what compatibility issues should i be aware of - size (does the external need to be the same size as my internal one, or just big enough to store what i've got, uncompressed?), serial ATA compatibility etc...?

Thanks in advance.

  anskyber 17:20 09 Apr 2007

Cloning is about making a copy of your HDD before replacing it with another drive and copying back. (sorry to be pedantic)

What I think you want is a disc "image" which is a copy of everything including your operating system so you can restore data if it is lost or corrupted.

You do not need an external HDD to image but obviously it cannot protect you from a HDD failure if your image is also on it. Whilst you can copy an image to several DVDs or the like the most straightforward way is to copy to an external HDD. You can of course copy just the pictures ot other files to the same HDD as well as the image if you wish.

  al7478 17:22 09 Apr 2007

I'm aware of the difference of a clone and an image, and i want to make a clone just in case i ever need to use it.

  anskyber 17:24 09 Apr 2007

Sorry forgot the other questions. External HDD should be approximately the same size as your data usage on your main drive. Programs like Acronis True image do some mild compression so it will be smaller after imaging.

Imaging takes account of the system it comes from, so for example I run a RAID 1 set up and Acronis just images everything I need.

  al7478 17:27 09 Apr 2007

but for a clone...?

  anskyber 17:29 09 Apr 2007

Have a look under "other features" click here

  Technotiger 17:30 09 Apr 2007

... but in fact you don't seem to be aware of the difference? An Image is what you need 'just in case I ever need to use it' ... as anskyber explained. Unless of course,, you are expecting to be changing your hard-drive at some time in the future - for which a Clone would be sufficient - in which case please accept my apology!

  Simsy 17:33 09 Apr 2007

make a clone of your complete hard drive, then by definition you need to make the image on another drive.

However, it needn't be an external drive; It could be another internal drive.

With regard to size... it depends on how much data and what compression you use. I've never done it for a whole drive, but using it for system drive only, at normal compression it typically takes half the space of the relevant data...

So, I would imagine that you'd need approximately half the space of the data on the drive you're imaging...

e.g. You have a 100Gig drive, split into several partitions. Total space used is 60Gig. I presume an image of the whole drive would be about 30 gig in size.

As usual, I'm open to correction!!

Does that help?



  al7478 17:35 09 Apr 2007

you have to change the hard drive if you have a failure, if it is a severe enough failure. That is what i want to guard against.

I really do know the difference. You would use an image if you lose lots of data, or if you have a significant OS problem.

By the by, for an image i thought it would be very substantially compressed, so i would be able to get away with an externaal hd much smaller than my pc'c...?

  al7478 17:41 09 Apr 2007

sorry we were typing at the same time it seems.

  anskyber 17:42 09 Apr 2007

The options for compression are there and you can compress harder if you wish, the default is a level of compression but not severe. External HDD are relativey inexpensive these days, what is your current storage capacity?

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