Acronis can't see Twin SATA Hds

  son-of-a-gun 15:22 12 Jun 2004

Hi everyone
Because of having to contact Norton via telephone re serial number of system works software in the event that I format the hard drive more times than they think is necessary, on the advice of a guy in this forum, I’ve attempting to try Acronis True Image to avoid conventionally reinstalling all software in the event that I think a format is required.

Because I’m using twin SATA hard drives which require during the installation of Win XP (F6 & S) to install the Via drivers to make contact with the Hds I’m finding a problem using Acronis True Image.

On boot up from the pre made by me Acronis bootable CD, it tells me I have no hard drive.
I must admit and because I’m financially tight the Acronis True Image software is a freebie from a PC magazine but it does say it’s a full deluxe version.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem with twin SATA / Acronis, and what to do to remedy this, or is it me doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance Son-Of-a-Gun

AMI BIOS A6702VE5 V1.5B1 042104
AMD 64 3400+
Windows XP Home, SP1.
512 DDR (PC3200) 2x256
Sony 8x DVD+RW
Sony 52x24x52 CDRW
Raid-0 2x160 GB
Radeon AIW 9800SE 128mb
512 ADSL
oh, and a monitor, keyboard, & a mouse.

  The Spires 15:49 12 Jun 2004

You need to use version 7.xx the free version you have is old & does not support SATA drives. Version 7.xx does, no such thing as a free lunch you know.

  Eric10 16:06 12 Jun 2004

If you register your free copy of TrueImage Deluxe on their website you qualify for Acronis TrueImage 7 at the upgrade price of $29.99. If you do buy it then you also qualify for free updates which keep you up to date with the latest drivers.

  son-of-a-gun 16:07 12 Jun 2004

The Spires

Hey man, I can't argue with you about the lunch logic, but you can live in hope.

Just checked about the age, your right about that too,it came from a PC advisor CD this year but the Acronis is dated, 2002

Thanks for the nod.

  son-of-a-gun 16:33 12 Jun 2004

Thank you Eric10 for the information.

  Eric10 16:44 12 Jun 2004

Just a word of warning. If you do go for the update can I suggest that you keep the serial number for your present version safe. If you had to install on a clean PC at a later date (maybe following a crash and reinstall of Windows) then it knows that it is an update and after you have entered the serial number for version 7 it asks you for the serial number you updated from.

  son-of-a-gun 22:03 12 Jun 2004


Smart thinking Eric10 thanks again


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