Acronis boot CD

  Grandad D 18:48 31 Mar 2004

Hi,I have had a Rock Quadra DTS Pro laptop for some months now and can not be more pleased with it. I have now got an external USB2 160 gig hard drive. I have just bought Acronis trueimage 7, so I can backup my laptop hard drive. I have done this and also made a boot CD so that I can reinstall the backup if anything happens. However when I boot from this CD all I get is a blue splash screen that says something like, Acronis boot, and then the screen just goes black. I.e. nothing happens. I have tried this boot disk on 3 desktop computers at work running windows 98 and XP and it works fine. It just won’t work on my Quadra. Has anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong. I have e-mailed Acronis but as the disk works I don’t think they will have an answer. Any help would be much appreciated. Ta, Dennis.

  Grandad D 21:28 31 Mar 2004

Just trying again. Thanks

  woodchip 21:56 31 Mar 2004

I do not know about the latest Acronis but I used to make a Image file with Acronis, copy it to a CD, then boot with the Acronis CD and reinstall the Image file from the CD Image

  woodchip 21:57 31 Mar 2004

Does the Acronis CD boot to a A:\ prompt before Acronis loads

  Grandad D 22:09 31 Mar 2004

Hi Woodchip, The boot CD works on the desktops OK. I fully tested it on one and was able to backup and restore OK. I have made a backup image file on the USB hard drive OK. On the desktops just after the splash screen, the screen goes black and "Acronis loading" is at the top left of the screen. After a little while it then gets to the Acronis program and all is well. My laptop however will not get to the "Acronis loading" part. I think the program would work from within windows if I needed it to. Do you think that it is a problem with my laptop? Thanks for the help. Dennis

  woodchip 22:17 31 Mar 2004

Check the BIOS is set to start from the CD as first boot device.

  Grandad D 22:43 31 Mar 2004

Hi, Yes it is set to boot from CD first. Ta, Dennis

  woodchip 22:48 31 Mar 2004

Check with Acronis send a E-Mail

  Grandad D 21:24 01 Apr 2004

Hi, I have sent an e-mail to Acronis. I will wait and see. woodchip, If I had to format my drive for whatever reason, and reinstall XP can I then reinstall the backup image from within windows. If this works then I would be happy with that, Ta Dennis.

  woodchip 22:29 01 Apr 2004

No it does not work like that. You run the Drive Image CD and then install after the program starts, I would think the program loads to memory so you can put the Backup Image cd in and restore the whole caboodle. cannot say for sure as my version work's from floppy disc, two in all

  Paranoid Android 22:42 01 Apr 2004

Grandad D

You can restore a Trueimage backup in three ways :

1) With Acronis bootable CD

2) With Acronis bootable floppies

3) By reformatting, re-installing windows (minimal), then installing Acronis and restoring the backup image from there. It will restart your machine in 'DOS'. Note : The restore operation will overwrite the fresh install of windows you just created.

If you need help making bootable floppies, post back.


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