Acronis backups which?

  Muergo 13:30 19 Oct 2009

I have cleared out my backup external drive by formatting it.

I then created a full backup (not clone), and now want to backup daily what's changed.

I have read over and over the difference between a "differential backup " and an incremental backup but still don't understand the difference.

All I want to do is to backup what's fresh that day including deletions and uninstalls so that at any time offailure I have a mirror copy of the previous days state of my PC., avoiding the use of System Restore.

So which one to use??

  rawprawn 13:38 19 Oct 2009

I think it is safest to Use incremental backups daily, and limit the number of backups to 7 before it will automatically create a new full backup

  cocteau48 13:46 19 Oct 2009

"so that at any time of failure I have a mirror copy of the previous days state of my PC"

By far the safest and easiest way to to ensure that is to do a full backup.

My 13GB only takes about 13 minutes to do a full backup and the same again to verify. No messing about with incrementals - which I have never bothered with. A full restore takes less than 10 minutes and I know exactly what I am restoring.

....unless,of course,you have a huge drive to back up in which case I will have to defer to someone who has used incrementals and can advise you.

  rawprawn 14:21 19 Oct 2009

Good afternoon cocteau48, I suggested incremental because most people I know have a much larger HD Useage than 13 GB. I use around 40 GB and it takes about 1 hour to do a full backup.

  woodchip 14:33 19 Oct 2009

Your Best form of Backup is choose a Full Backup and create a Image to a External Drive as what's on the Drive that as the backup will be no good at all if the drive goes BANG

  Splodge 15:38 19 Oct 2009

I back up weekly to a HDD and an external drive. I have 200GB disks with about 120GB used. (50Gb of music).

I estimate my times at about 1.2 minutes per gb to copy. So mine takes about 2 hours!

  kidsis 16:18 19 Oct 2009

I used to do incremental back ups, and on the occasions when I have had to recover my pc the procedure took a couple of hours. I have recently changed to doing a full back up each time, as the incrementals had grown to I think 67 files and that may well be why previous recoveries took so long. Doing the full back up doesn't take any longer than the incremental, I have about 17 GB on the C drive at the moment. Well done for backing up each day!

  Pine Man 16:32 19 Oct 2009

I have about 60GB used on my HD and a full back up takes about 15 minutes to carry out and about 20 minutes to restore.

I never use differential or incrementals any more as full back ups are far more reliable.

  cocteau48 16:58 19 Oct 2009

I try to keep very little other than my OS and installed programs on my main drive.

As I see it that is where any problems are going to occur for,whatever reason,and that is what needs to be backed up on a regular basis and restored when a problem does arise.

I have nearly 40Gb of software downloads/music/photos/personal docs etc. but these are all stored on the ext HD where they are just as accessible as though they were on the main drive.

I see no point in backing up the same unaltered files day after day although I do fully appreciate that if you do not have an ext.HD you do not have the choice.

  john bunyan 17:05 19 Oct 2009

After a scan with AVG, SAS and MAB and a defrag, I clone ny 320 gig HD (partitioned 50 g for system and 25 gig in use, and 280 gig (30 in use)for my docs )to a slave disc. Then I do a full image of each partition to an external HD. Following advice from here I do not do a differential but a full back up - deleting the previous one and Verifying the back up . This takes quite a long time - the verification in particular. I guess the whole thing takes about an hour. For ease of access I also do a straight copy of my music and my photos to the external HD !

  rawprawn 17:45 19 Oct 2009

Gentlemen, we are talking about a man/Woman who wishes to keep an ongoing backup on I suspect a fairly well used HDD.
I would agree that a full backup is preferable. However Muergo wishes to backup everyday. It is his choice but I have never had a problem, and one can always tick the option "Validate Backup"
As long as the list of incremental backups is not too long (hence I recommended 7 days) I see no real problems.

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