Acronis backup,partition to small

  aine 15:09 23 Dec 2008

I have recently being trying to create a backup of my PC.Firstly I deleted the partition to erase previous backups. I then created a new partition, giving it 50GB space.Using this as a secure zone,i proceeded to backup, using a high compression.The program was halted with the statement, not enough disc space to complete the operation. When I originally loaded Acronis, the partition created was only 10GB, this worked OK. I have now tried to do 6 backups without success. I have contacted Acronis "
without any success with a reply .
Please help. Regards Aine

  Technotiger 15:19 23 Dec 2008

If the partition you are trying to use is on the same drive as your Operating System, you are virtually defeating the object of Acronis.

The back-up should be saved to a different drive - this can be a Slave internally or, and favoured by most including myself, an external USB hard drive.

  aine 16:37 23 Dec 2008

Technotiger, thanks for your reply. The drive I am trying to install on is drive"D" my second hdd. I forgot to state this in my post. cheers Aine

  Technotiger 16:53 23 Dec 2008

OK - in that case, do you have anything else on that drive, or is it just for your backups?

Perhaps you should re-format that drive before doing your next backup - also I would not advise making a Acronis Secure Zone, simply make a full backup of your C: drive, saving it on D: also, having made the backup, it is always advisable to Validate the backup.

  Technotiger 16:56 23 Dec 2008

PS - don't bother with a High Compression, just run Acronis in its default settings. Choose what you want to backup, give it a name and let Acronis do the rest - I don't even bother giving the backup a Password, I have never had any problems with my backups.

  rawprawn 16:56 23 Dec 2008

The amount of space is related to how big your C:drive is.My Acronis takes about 34GB, but I would have thought that 50GB was enough. Are you sure that the original 10 GB was not just the Recovery Partition you were backing up?

  rawprawn 16:58 23 Dec 2008

Also as Technotiger says don't bother with High Compression.

  aine 17:28 23 Dec 2008

Thanks for your replies. The D drive is a clone of the C drive. When I installed the drive i used Acronis to clone it. I am not sure whether the original 10Gb was a recovery partition, "F11" is displayed on boot up,perhaps it was? Previously tried F11 and it went to Dec 2007,this is why i was trying to repeat this with a later one. It would seem that I am getting the wrong end of the stick,old age has caught up I think. More advise please. Regards Aine

  Technotiger 17:38 23 Dec 2008

A Clone is for saving your entire System to a different hard drive in the event of wanting to use a larger hard drive. One would Clone to a bigger drive and then replace the original drive with the Cloned drive. Clone is not for doing normal Backups!

You should do a normal Full Backup of your C: saving that backup to your D: drive.

  Technotiger 17:41 23 Dec 2008

I do a Full Backup on a fortnightly basis, saving the backup to an external hard drive. When I have three such backups, I delete the oldest one, so that I am always left with two copies of my backup. I always Validate after making a backup.

  aine 18:15 23 Dec 2008

My "D" drive is the bigger drive, 320GB as opposed to "C" being 250GB. I was hoping to use this larger drive as my main drive?click here. This is the answer I received, I would like to make the "D" drive ( to be my "C"drive) but my knowledge does not go this far. Incidentally, I have done a back up in c drive,and put it in a new folder. I don't know if this is the correct to use it? What about the recovery partition? how do I replace this?
This seems a lot of questions,but I am trying to learn and make sure I do it correctly. I think that is enough to be going on with. Aine

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