acronis backup partition

  aine 13:32 01 Mar 2007

I have just recently created a backup of my pc, the partition is hidden!, how can i be sure that the backup was successful if i cannot view it? In the event of an incident that requires its use how do I use it ? if I dont know where it is?

  Z1100 13:36 01 Mar 2007

I made the Image then I loaded the boot disc and done a recovery.

After all, what good is a recovery if you cannot use it. And the only way to get the confidence in the recovery is to try it.

I suggest perform a full recovery you will get so much more confidence in your PC if you do.

  rawprawn 17:16 01 Mar 2007

I assume you mean Acronis Secure Zone, Try "Validate Image" or "Mount Image" Validate will make sure it is OK, Mout Image you will be able to see what is there.

  aine 19:01 01 Mar 2007

I must be awfully stupid, my desktop shows Acronis icon and a icon reading acronis backup place which is the name i gave it.Clicking on this, Microsoft tell me this can not be found. Rawprawn you suggested validating the back up, this procedure takes me to a reboot they says error "invalid partition. I am completely lost, I spent 3 hours trying to sort this out, should I just delete it and forget

  rawprawn 20:17 01 Mar 2007

OK, don't lose heart.Which version of Acronis have you got? Did you manage Acronis Secure Zone?
Did you Activate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager?
(Both of these are shown in the left hand panel when you open Acronis.
If you can answer these questions I can probably talk you through it. It may not be tonight, but I will come back whenever I get time.

  Technotiger 20:26 01 Mar 2007

Hi, I have just done a full backup this evening with Acronis True Image V10 - backed up to an External hard-drive. Also checked its integrity with a Validation run - all was perfect.

I would advise you to delete your backup and start again - I would not advise using the Secure Zone, for some reason this does seem to cause problems, though not always. I never use Secure Zone. The best way is to make the backup to an external Drive.

So, delete it - yes, forget it - no, or you may regret it later!

  rawprawn 20:48 01 Mar 2007

I appreciate your comment regarding Acronis Secure zone, but I have been using it for a long time with no problems (Admittedly In conjunction with a backup to a slave drive) However I feel that aine has got lost somewhere, and I was trying to establish where. I also agree that the best thing would be to delete and start again.
I am not sure what he has done, as he says
"my desktop shows Acronis icon and a icon reading acronis backup place" and one should definately not backup to the same drive. Let us see what he says. I doubt that I will be able to be back tonight, so I would be oblijed if you can help him. I will look back tomorrow.

  aine 21:35 01 Mar 2007

Acronis suggested I made a partition as per the programme, this I did. I have acronis true image v10 I logged on secure zone stated the partition was invalid! but not why?.Did not get as far as startup recovery mngr. The programme stated the backup was 37GB, if this was compressed would it go on a DVD? I contacted acronis Wednesday but they have not replied. As you can tell I am only a nerd as yet. Any help would be most welcome.I will uninstall it and then download again and await you suggestions ta

  Strawballs 22:07 01 Mar 2007

The suggestion was not to uninstall and re-download acronis but to delete the partion that you made and start again with a new backup, whether it be to secure zone as per rawprawn or to an external drive as per Technotiger

  aine 11:07 02 Mar 2007

Thanh you Straw balls for your comments, the reason I reloaded the programme is I cant find the partition I was supposed to have created. Using SIW it only shows my hard drive 249GB, no sign of another partition and I dont know were to look

  Batch 11:50 02 Mar 2007

When you've created the Acronis Secure Zone, you can't directly see what is in it (it is a hidden partition).

When you launch TI, one of the options should be to Check Image (or something similar - I'm using V8, it maybe called something else in V10). If you click on this, you should then be taken into a wizard that will have a pane that is like a Windows Explorer folders pane. One of the items in this will be Acronis Secure Zone. If you select the Acronis Secure Zone, you can then verify the contents. AFAIK with the Secure Zone, you don't select an individual image, but it checks the whole Secure Zone (which is a black box managed by TI).

When you want to do a restore, you go through a broadly similar approach and select (from the Secure Zone) the point in time that you want to restore to.

BTW, I've never been too clear on the benefit of the Start-up Recovery Manager. I don't have it activated and don't see the point. If I want to restore C:, I just go into TI and start the restore process, it then says it can't restore the active partition (as it is in use) and gives me the option to re-boot. On re-booting this way, it automatically boots into the TI (linux?) shell. Alternatively, I just use the TI boot CD.

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