Acronis back up question:

  buel 14:10 02 Aug 2009

Hi, i have a question about Acronis-
My friend has over 8gb of pictures on her laptop and she has never backed them up. What i want to know is if i back up her entire hard driver using the Acronis 11 programme i own will that effectively back them up? ie- what if her laptop hard drive 'dies' and she gets gets another 'different' laptop? Would these pictures (and other files) be retrievable being as they will be saved as an Acronis image?

  AL47 14:24 02 Aug 2009

id be interested in this too

  Terry Brown 14:37 02 Aug 2009

I assume you mean to load your copy of Acronis onto your friends machine, then back up ker system to either DVD's or an external hard drive,
Do you mean copy her pictures to your machine and then back them up

1-- I am not sure of the legality of using your software on a second machine, however if the program was installed and a backup made along with a recovery CD, it should allow her to copy all her pictures to a new machine.

2-- If she copies them to your machine and you back them up to DVD's there should be no problem.

If she only wants to save her pictures (8gb) then do a direct 'Data' copy to DVD (3 disks) or CD (12 disks) or to an external Harddrive

  woodchip 14:46 02 Aug 2009

Yes you can use your Acronis to Create a Image of the drive to a External drive. This you can restore direct to a New Hard drive. It would put back the Operating System all programs and files just as at the time you create the Image. You do not need to load Acronis to do this, just boot from the Acronis CD choose Backup then full Hard Drive Image you can also choose compression level you want to use. To Restore Just plug the Drive in with Image on it then boot with Acronis CD choose Restore and brows to the Image on the Ex Drive

  woodchip 14:47 02 Aug 2009

PS A New Drive would not need Partitioning or Format, Acronis does it all

  buel 14:53 02 Aug 2009

Hi, thank you for that! I actually meant install Acronis on her laptop and then back up the whole hard drive on my 1tb external hard drive and then take Acronis off her laptop. What i couldn't work out was should her laptop then fail and she got another laptop with a different hard drive and specs (so she couldn't restore to it) would there be a way to 'get at' the various pctures stored within the Acronis backed up image on my external hard drive?

  woodchip 15:35 02 Aug 2009

the image backup is only good for the computer its made on

  buel 15:39 02 Aug 2009

Thank you for that, at least i know where i stand now! I guess it's best to do the Nero data dvd method then! Thank you for that!!

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