Acronis back up and Disc partitions

  anskyber 17:56 21 Jun 2006

I use Acronis to back up my hard drive. My PC has 2x HDs in a RAID 1 configuration (ie identical copies of all data on both discs)

My PC "sees" the RAID array as one "C" drive which is what would be expected, in a NTFS format. When I come to back up the drive Acronis has identified the "C" drive but also 2 other partitions which do not have drive letters. (hence my PC does not show them) They are "Type 219 FAT32 0xdb Concurrent DOS, CTOS" and "FAT16 0xde(EISA configuration)

Any ideas what they are and should they be backed up?

  ade.h 18:02 21 Jun 2006

I don't the answer, unfortunately, but I will be following this with interest.

  ade.h 18:02 21 Jun 2006


  anskyber 19:40 21 Jun 2006

I've been doing a bit more research and also spoken to a friend who is more tech savy than I am.

The research and the friend have suggested the same answer and that is the two "hidden" partitions are recovery or diagnostic partitions for the PC manufacturer. Dell in my case. Taking it further given that the Acronis back up of drive "C" will include the OS there is no overriding need to back up the "hidden" partitions. In any event they will not change so if they are to be backed up it only needs to be done once.

I have therefore done a whole disc back up of all three partitions and will do incremental back ups of "C" only with the occasional consolidating whole disc back up when I have too many incremental back ups if that makes sense.

  ade.h 20:49 21 Jun 2006

Ah, I see. Yes, it's conceivable that they are recovery partitions, if the RAID array was factory installed, or you created the array by cloning the original hard-disk.

  anskyber 20:57 21 Jun 2006

My RAID array was factory installed so the picture looks very much as I have speculated. I assume your interest is because you are on a RAID set up.

  ade.h 21:12 21 Jun 2006

That's right. I'm a big fan of RAID. I use RAID 10 at the moment (similar to 0+1).

  UncleP 00:07 22 Jun 2006

I'm setting up a backup system for my newish computer which has two 230Gb HDs in a RAID1 configuration. The intention is to use Acronis TI to store disk images on an external HD. Although I've bought most of the components, it's not yet in operation as I'm still reading through the manuals to determine the best way of achieving maximum security with minimum effort. So I have some questions which are not backed up by practical experience.

(a)you say that 'the 2 extra partitions do not have drive letters, so the PC does not show them'. Do you mean that they are not shown under Disk Management (which will show partitions without drive letters)? I assume that you're using WinXP.

(b)does Acronis give the size of the additional partitions, and do they correspond to what might be expected for recovery or diagnostic purposes?

I understand that Acronis can switch off the WinXP System Restore feature; my aim was to use True Image and Disk Director to provide all of the back-up, disk recovery and other utilities I need, and to recover the disk space used by duplicates of these. I guess your backup of everything is more cautious, and probably advisable if there is plenty of disk space available.

  vinnyT 11:18 22 Jun 2006

(a) the 2 'extra' partitions, prob, wouldn't be viewable until the dell restore disk is inserted and booted from, to prevent accidential erasure.

(b) don't know as I'm not anskyber:-)

I don't know wether TI turns off sys restore, but I did that myself, as like you I use the ti as all my backups. Also, prevents malware form being backed up to the restore points.

Hope this helps.

  anskyber 13:21 22 Jun 2006

My back up is very much like yours, I have 2x250Gb of HD in Raid 1. I back up onto an external HD of 250Gb.

The point about the partitions not being shown is when viewed through "My Computer" in Win XP. Obviously operational drives would be seen in that environment.

Yes Acronis does give the size of the partitions they are 39.19MB (yes MB) with 7.76MB used for the FAT16 partition and only 4.64MB with 3.14 used of the FAT 32 partition. They are both therefore of the order to be expected for a recovery or diagnostic facility. The fact that they are "hidden" also suggests to me that they are there for dells use if needed.

acronis does back up using some compression so the "full" HD to be imaged will not take all the space.

  anskyber 13:27 22 Jun 2006

Sorry I should have added that the partitions do show up in the Discmanagement area of the PC.

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