worcesterman47 19:39 26 Sep 2008

hi, i have Acronis True Image Home 11 installed on my win xp pc....twice i have tried to do a complete full back up...twice it has has burnt 3 disc's but then just hangs at 18%.. i thought as i was doing a full back up that it would take some time but after leaving it for 4 hrs (after it got to 18% ) i checked again and it was still at i cancelled the back up & have not tried since..anyone have any ideas whats wrong?..i turned off all progs ( virus checkers,firewall etc) while trying to do the back up...any advice would be appreciated, many thanks

  cocteau48 20:59 26 Sep 2008

It sounds as though you are trying to backup to a disk (as you say you have burnt three disks).
Is the disk capacity large enough to take a full backup?

  worcesterman47 21:07 26 Sep 2008

hi, when each disk is full...the programme asks to insert another disk...which i did up to the fourth disk..then it just hung at 18% for hours & hours...thats when i guesed it was not doing what it was supposed to...sadly...any ideas ?

  FatboySlim71 21:26 26 Sep 2008

I have used Acronis for a while, its saved my neck several times, I think its a great program.

I wouldn't recommend using just disks to backup with, IMO optical media is not a stable/reliable enough media IMO.

When I take backups with Acronis I always use an external hard drive, I have never had a problem with doing it this way. Fair enough using disks in conjunction with an external hard drive I suppose.

  worcesterman47 21:37 26 Sep 2008

fatboy many thanks for the reply but to be honest i do not have an external drive...anyway acronis gives the option to save to disk' it should i guess all users of it do not have external there must be some reason it fails to continue burning to disks...i have no doubt it is a great prog but for me at this moment in time it is not so good ( as it aint working :( anyone with any other suggestions or ideas ? cheers :)

  iscanut 21:42 26 Sep 2008

Why not email the Acronis Tech Support and ask them ?

  cocteau48 21:48 26 Sep 2008

... or try their forum. Response is not as fast as this forum but you should get help there.
I have no experience of backing up to disks (only to ext HD) so cannot help on that score.

  worcesterman47 21:52 26 Sep 2008

well, the most obvious answer is usually the best...cheers guys...did not even give that a thought :)

  iscanut 22:01 26 Sep 2008

You could also try reducing the write speed. I had problems before doing this and all is OK now. Go into Tools, Options, Default Backup Options,Backup Performance HDD write speed. Try reducing the speed by using the slider. Mine is about 75%.

  worcesterman47 22:04 26 Sep 2008

nuts...will give that a go later....also, an acronis forum shows quite a few people with "hanging" when trying to back i am not alone !..will try as you suggest reducing speed...cheers

  FatboySlim71 09:25 27 Sep 2008

"...anyway acronis gives the option to save to disk' it should i guess all users of it do not have external drives"

I know a lot of people who have Acronis and all of them I know use external hard drives, any of them that use disks on do so has a secondary backup to their external hard drive backup.

The general usage with Acronis is that most people backup with an external hard drive. Some people may disagree with me but optical media i.e. CD's & DVD's are a less reliable/resilient source of media to backup to, for example, I backed some pictures up to some DVD's a few years back, a couple of years after doing this the disks were unreadable, the disks I had used were good quality I will add and were in mint condition (there were no scratches on them).

When you take backups you really want to be backing up to the most reliable/resilient source and IMO that it an external hard drive, a belt and braces approach would be to backup to disk as a secondary option.

There would be nothing worse IMO than backing up to disk, then if you had a system failure you were then to find that the disks were unreadable.

I just remembered I have a link to the Acronis forum, I know they helped me out a lot when I initially got Acronis. :-)

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