Acronis 7 will not burn to DVD

  Z1100 11:31 30 Oct 2006


Anyone got any tips on using Acronis 7 to image a drive to DVD.

I do not think I am missing something as I have had the burn start on several occasions. I have used Maxell DVD -tive and +tive discs and Verbatim DVD +tive discs and HP DVD +RW discs. (I can dreate a CD back up but I require DVD back up)

I get burn failure errors saying my disc is either full or 'may not be of good quality' or words to that effect.

I have the latest Acronis build, build 638

FYI, I am using the Phillips 1640 DVD Dual Layer burner and the firmware is up to date.

I have sent a support request to Acronis and lets face it, I could wait another week for them to contact me as it has been 3 days so far.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:43 30 Oct 2006

Acronis 7 is an old version of acronis and has never allowed burning to or restoring from DVD

You will need to by at least v8 or even the latest v10.

  €dstowe 11:52 30 Oct 2006

DVDs are quite delicate an easily rendered unreadable. I would never entrust something as important as a backup to a DVD - even less so a rewritable type.

  Totally-braindead 12:43 30 Oct 2006

I think the others may have the answer. I have Acronis 7 and haven't tried to write to DVD but I'm fairly sure that when it came out DVD writers weren't about and therefore it wouldn't be supported. I think it will allow you to use multiple CDs though.
Like €dstowe I wouldn't trust rewritable CDs or DVDs for any backup they just aren't stable enough im my opinion. I've never lost info on a CD unless it was physically damaged but I did find a few CDRW disks were unreadable after only a short period of time. Subsequently I no longer use them.

  Z1100 13:04 30 Oct 2006

The exact description on the 'create image wizard' dialog box whan is asks me to select a compression method is;

"The estimated size of the image archive is 4.094 GB and the estimated time is 20 min for the selected compression level. Estimated Disk count is 7 for 650 MB CD's or 2 for 4 GB DVDs.

As for the media I mentioned, the list provided is to let responders know that I have eliminated the media used to some extent. I would of course use brand new shiny silver bottom discs for the task and make copies of those too. Then maybe store them in a vaccum.

Ok the last bit about the vaccum is a lie...

Any more thoughts are welcome.

  mgmcc 13:17 30 Oct 2006

You can create Acronis "image" files with an appropriate compression level and file size to enable you to store them on CD or DVD.

It is my understanding that the first version that supported backing up *directly* to DVD was V9 build 3677.

I have Acronis True Image 9 build 3567, which *doesn't* burn DVD directly, and build 3677 which does.

  Miros 13:18 30 Oct 2006

The above explains why I have had a problem using Acronis, what about using or copying to ordinary Cd's I presume this would be OK? and if so and you wanted to copy a full image of your hard drive how many Cd's would that take, anybody got any idea?

  GroupFC 13:19 30 Oct 2006

Despite what the wizard says I am fairly certain, as others have said, that version 7 cannot write the image direct to DVD (see click here).

  Z1100 13:29 30 Oct 2006

That will solve that issue then... I will take a look at V9 build 3677. and see if my pockets are deep enough.

In the mean time half a dozen CDs will suffice.

Thanks for the info.

  David4637 13:44 30 Oct 2006

Early versions of Acronis - Save the image (C:\) to a partition (D:\), then burn the image to a DVD R using Nero or whatever, problem solved. David

  Miros 13:51 30 Oct 2006

That would seem promising thanks.

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