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  Quiet Life 13:26 10 Apr 2007

I have never had to restore a cloned drive with Acronis 7 but as they are now onto Acronis 10 I am wondering if there are any advantages.
I would like to hear from people who have used and are still using Acronis 7
1. Is Acronis 7 reliable?
2. What benefits does Acronis 10 offer?

  johndrew 14:05 10 Apr 2007

I use ATI 9.0 and find it very similar to 8.0 other than 8.0 was a bit shaky in some areas of backup with my system for some reason (drivers??). Looking at the write up for 10 click here I see little change from 9.0.

If 7.0 still meets your needs and works properly why change?

  mosfet 18:16 10 Apr 2007

I use ATI7,just the bootable CD..has never let me down.

  Quiet Life 12:23 11 Apr 2007

To johndrew Hi My problem is I do not know it works until I come to do a restore image and wanted to know if that feature works OK in version 7 from people who were still using 7.

  gudgulf 12:54 11 Apr 2007

Acronis 7 does not support back-up to DVD.It also does not support running from the BartPE plugin.

The latter point is important if your pc does not have a chipset supported by Acronis.

My pc was built on an Intel chipset which Acronis does support and so it was able to see the SATA hard drives and my external USB drive when run from the recovery boot disc.........both with Acronis 7 and Acronis 10(which I now use).

However a recent psu burn out wrecked my motherboard and I have rebuilt on a VIA chipsetted motherboard......neither Acronis 7 or 10 would see the hard drives or external drive when using the recovery boot disc, or when attempting a full system recovery starting in Windows.The drives were visible from within Windows.......but if you need to recover then Acronis will reboot your system into it's own Linux based system which does not natively support all chipset types.

This happens with ATI chipset motherboards too.I don't know if there is a problem with Nvidia motherboards.

What this boils down to is....boot your system with the Acronis recovery disc and check that it can see your hard drives and the drive you store your back-ups on.

If it can then you will be fine with Acronis 7.I used it successfully for two years,including several full system recoveries.

If it wont see your drives then you will need to upgrade to version 9 or 10 and make a BartPE recovery disc(which boots your system into a Windows environment) using the plug in provided by Acronis.

click here

click here

I hope this makes sense to you.

As you say you have never needed to recover your system I suggest you boot from the the recovery disc anyway.If you haven't made one yet,do so now!

If you can't see your drives (Acronis will pop up a warning to that effect) it would be wise to find this out now......otherwise you might find yourself unable to recover your system should the need arise!

  Spark6 15:26 11 Apr 2007

Wise words. I have T.I.9.0 and have yet to try the recovery disc but I shall this evening.

  Quiet Life 16:43 11 Apr 2007

Many thanks for your clear info. No hard drives visible using Acronis start up disc. Thank goodness problem discovered before restore required.

  Quiet Life 16:52 11 Apr 2007

I forgot to mention the PC uses ATI chipsets
Board: Hewlet-Packard Asterope 1.0
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 3.08 02/24/2006

It must be a big pain to find out Acronis does not support the chipset when restore is required.
It should be able to advise this fact when restore disc is created. This has put me off Acronis products

  gudgulf 20:02 11 Apr 2007

As a footnote,I checked on the Acronis website and found an updated version of TI10 (version released March 07).

This claims improved hardware support compared to the version I have,but doesn't state what improvements are made.

After updating my TI10 with this new version the boot disc now sees my SATA drives and external USB drive.

I suggest you download the trial version of TI10,making sure it is the latest 4942 release, and see if that will see your drives from the boot disc.

In spite of the chipset support issues,Acronis is by far my preferred back-up software.

And clearly they do issue fixes in upgrades or workarounds as in the BartPE plug-in.

  Snec 20:26 11 Apr 2007

Wed, [email protected]:54

Acronis 7 does not support back-up to DVD


Mine does!

  gudgulf 20:41 11 Apr 2007

Mine didn't...........maybe the version I had was old.I didn't update it.

To be honest I had,and still have no intention of backing up to anything other than my external drive (200GB to back up....a lot of DVDs) so didn't check.

My apologies.

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