Acronis 2011 Released

  rawprawn 17:49 25 Aug 2010

I have just upgraded to this (£23.95), and I am quite impressed by the user friendly interface. I am not saying that the end result is better, but I think it is a definate improvement and very much easier to handle.
Any comments from other users?

  gengiscant 17:58 25 Aug 2010

Had a look but not offering anything I feel the need to spend money upgrading on, and to be honest I don't use Acronis as much as I used to. There are other products out there which I find easier to use and quite frankly just as good.Some are free.
The friendlier user interface was long overdue but not worth the upgrade cost.

  Pine Man 19:00 25 Aug 2010

Got mine this morning and found it has changed (for the better) quite a lot.

The one problem I haven't yet resolved is the making of Rescue Media. With previous versions the 'Full Version' disk is created from the main program but you have to download the 'Safe Version) from the web site. This appears to be the same with 2011 but the 'Safe Version' can't be downloaded. I am waiting for a response from Acronis.

One other issue I have found is that if you do full backups they won't automatically over write the old backup but modify the file and save it in addition to the old file.

Last but not least the ability to add notes to your backed up file has been changed for the worse - in my opinion.

  cocteau48 19:01 25 Aug 2010

Hi rawprawn,

I got thew same offer to upgrade for $23.95 but is the program really any better than the 2009 version which I am running?

Once again they seem to have added more bells and whistles,most of which I will probably never use,and so long as it backs up and restores a full disk image with the complete reliability which my current version does then is there anything to be gained by upgrading?

Then again.of course,if my conscience is pricking me,should I not be doing my bit to support a product which has got me out of more bumps and scraps over the past few years than I care to think about - a product which ,I believe,competition notwithstanding,is totally indispensable to any OS - and which would probably render many of the threads on this forum as instantly redundant - if everyone used it.

Conscience versus hard times - decision - decision - Ho-Hum!!!

  rawprawn 19:33 25 Aug 2010

Pine Man, Rescue Disk. I just created (Burnt) an ISO from the program. I haven't tested it but I would think it will be OK as a boot disk to get to Acronis.
cocteau48, £23-95 is not too bad although I don't think I would have bothered except that they gave me the 2010 version free after having had problems with 2009.
The thing that anoys me now is having to pay for support, and they try to sell "Online Storage" at a great deal of money (At least for the home user)

  john bunyan 20:37 25 Aug 2010

rawprawn, pineman. Can't one use the Acronis disc itself as a rescue disc (if you clone as well as make an image)?

  rawprawn 21:51 25 Aug 2010

Yes, but the only (Boxed disk) I have is True Image TI 10. That can be used as a boot disk, but I simply thought I would update it. I am assuming it would find Acronis 2011, but I haven't tried it. It may not recognise the newer format, but I don't know.

  john bunyan 22:23 25 Aug 2010

Thanks. Being idle, I usually buy the disc from, eg, Amazon.I also have TI 2010 - used it in anger twice - each time from a recent clone( Iknow many use images, I do both)

  Pine Man 06:47 26 Aug 2010

Since Acronis version 9 I have only purchased the upgrade version for a download and had no disks.

To create a bootable rescue disk in the last few versions you get a command from the tools menu to prepare the 'Full version' of the rescue media but for some reason this didn't always work so a 'Safe Version' was made available as well from the web site. With 2011 that can't be downloaded for some reason as it comes up with a 'requested page not found' error. I have notified Acronis.

The full version does work but I will, eventually, prepare a safe version just in case.

  rawprawn 08:18 26 Aug 2010

Good morning Pine Man, the rescue disk I burnt was from "Tools & Utilities" > Protection > Rescue Media, I got 2 choices Burn to CD/DVD or ISO. I burnt ISO.
I have just tried for Boot Disk at the Acronis site, and found an apology that the site was down for maintenance.
Let me know if you get through, and if I do I will post here.

  Pine Man 10:02 26 Aug 2010

I just burnt to a DVD and it works ok.

I'll let you know when I hear from Acronis about the safe version.

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