Acronis 2011 and back up validation

  exdragon 16:58 04 Jan 2011

Hi - I've just upgraded to 2011 and carried out a back up to an external hard drive. I validated it, but instead of the description changing to, 'The back up is valid', it hasn't changed from, 'The back up has successfully completed'.

Am I missing something? I did try a couple of times.


  961 17:09 04 Jan 2011

I find Acronis truly mind baffling and have recently switched to Genie Timeline 2.1 which seems to work without me needing a superbrain

  woodchip 18:53 04 Jan 2011

Try creating a Image by booting with the Acronis CD and check the backup after. Also I find they seem better created to a internal drive or Partition, then copy to external drive and checked after

  exdragon 23:22 04 Jan 2011

Thanks, woodchip, but I've never done that before. I just wondered why the back up didn't show as being valid.

  woodchip 11:49 05 Jan 2011

I have the same problem when writing direct to Ex USB drive

  woodchip 11:50 05 Jan 2011

Also setting Compression too high can corrupt the image, you can set this to a lower compression and try it

  exdragon 13:23 05 Jan 2011

Hmm - I've always done my back ups to a USB external drive without any problem. I've never done anything with the compression - a search for that word produced no results!

  john bunyan 13:37 05 Jan 2011

For the above reasons I do a clone rather than an image. More space hungry, but I have a drive (in a Removable caddy) dedicated to the clone. My Data (including e Mail) is in a sepeate partition and I use Freefilesynch or Synch Toy to make frequent mirror copies of the data.
I have twice had to try to use an ATI image and failed - (I also do an image to an external HD!!) and in each case the image did not work whereas the clone did. Maybe it's me but I will stick to the clone - takes no longer than a validated ATI image.

  exdragon 13:50 05 Jan 2011

Sounds a bit complicated for a simple soul! I've successfully restored from my external drive on a couple of occasions.

I just can't understand why doing exactly the same thing with the same equipment won't produce the same results! Maybe I'll revert to the previous version to see what happens then.

  T0SH 17:09 05 Jan 2011

Best validation I know of with Acronis is to run Acronis then to mount your drive image TIB files as a drive, this way you can verify your data by accessing it from windows explorer

Look for the mount a backup option

Cheers HC

  exdragon 13:42 06 Jan 2011

All I want to do is what I've been doing successfully for the past few years! I can check the files in Explorer, and can see all my documents.

I've just done another back up, and with the option, 'Validate when it's created', it did indeed do that, but the description remains stubbornly the same and does not indicate that it's valid.

I tried the Acronis forum, but the first reply just said to do what I already said I'd done, and the second gave me various options which I've already selected. I don't know how to contact Acronis directly.

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