Acronis 2010 and Win7

  ventanas 16:13 10 Nov 2010

Basically will it work, or do I need TI 2011?

There does seem to be a few issues with 2010.

Grateful for any advice.

  Bapou 17:05 10 Nov 2010

click here Seems Acronis had problems with 2010 and Windows 7 and corrected with an update.

  rawprawn 17:22 10 Nov 2010

It worked OK for me, although I have since upgraded to 2011

  Pine Man 18:53 10 Nov 2010

Had no problems with 2010 and windows 7 although, like rawprawn, I have upgraded to 2011.

To be honest I actually preferred 2010!!

  RGB76 19:04 10 Nov 2010

Monday I had to do a system restore with Acronis 10 first time I`ve ever had to use the program, and everything went like a dream and in a very short time, one reboot and I was up and running again.

I strongly reccomend version 10, have read several reports that version 11 has problems.


  RGB76 19:06 10 Nov 2010

Sorry, should have said running Windows 7 32bit..

  GaT7 19:11 10 Nov 2010

2011 appears to be the worst edition click here to date? G

  rawprawn 19:22 10 Nov 2010

I disagree with the adverse comments in the link provided by Crossbow7, while I have had some quirks I find it on the whole very good.
It certainly does not take a long time backing up, Vallidating, or for that matter recovering.
I suppose there are always dissatisfied customers in all walks of life.

  Shuffty 20:00 10 Nov 2010

2011 does seem to have some quirks
I do a full backup (no incrementals)every week,have just uninstalled ver 2010 and installed 2011

Having tried to restore last weeks backup made with 2010 I get the message this backup was made with a previous version and would not restore,I got out my 2010 recovery disc and it restored ok so there was no problem with the backup.

according to acronis 2011 is backward compatable
check here click here

  Shuffty 20:02 10 Nov 2010

Should have said am running win 7 ultimate

  ventanas 14:29 12 Nov 2010

Sorry, been away for a couple of days.

Thanks Dennis, I will risk 2010 for now.

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