Acronis 2010 Non Stop Backup

  rawprawn 07:38 03 Aug 2010

Has anyone used this to recover a complete drive system (Partition)for eg the whole of C: drive?
I have always kept full system backups as well as the non stop backup, because although it says it will recover the whole partition, if I start it from scratch it completes using 12gb of space whereas my normal system backup uses 22gb.
Any comments welcomed.

  rawprawn 09:43 03 Aug 2010

Going walking today, so I will look back later this afternoon and see if there are any pearls of wisdom.
If I go into "Recovery" it certainly offers Non Stop as an option to recover the whole partition.
I just wondered if anyone had used it in anger.

  rawprawn 16:19 03 Aug 2010


  Diemmess 18:04 03 Aug 2010

If I read your question correctly as "Have I used Acronis to restore the whole of C: drive?"
Yes. I've done it several times, mostly out of laziness.

Perhaps I found myself regretting some software change and simply went back to the most recent backup.
There is some compression 23Gb to 14Gb and the backup takes about 9 minutes but restoration is longer about 15 or longer still from an external HD.
As I said I hope this is what you asked!

I use Acronis v 10, C: has Win XP and a lot of clutter which I will scrap ----- some day.
D: has most of my data.

  rawprawn 18:26 03 Aug 2010

Thank you that is all I wished to know, I was sure that was the answer, but in cases of Backups it is as well to be certain.
I think I will still continue system backups weekly, but I now have confidence on recovery from a Non Stop backup.

  Muergo 18:30 03 Aug 2010

I have just installed Acronis True Image 2010, the reviewer here in PCA said it was much easier to use than the previous one.

Haven't set it up yet, I am about to clone or backup the whole system onto a blank formatted external hard drive, 160Gb should be enough room ?

Have you activated every single last procedure it contains or can you do with less, because I am a bit daunted by it and don't know what best to do.

I like the facility of continuous backup because "System Restore" doesn't work for me when I NEED it, probably because I forgot to put a restore point in or the auto system did not work.

  woodchip 19:34 03 Aug 2010

Acronis only backs up or Images the Info on the Drive Not Blank Space

  rawprawn 19:38 03 Aug 2010

No no snags, just use the one click facility and non stop backup. I would recommend activating The Start Up recovery manager.

  Muergo 10:34 04 Aug 2010

Thank you rawprawn, very useful, will launch it today.

Woodchip, sorry my little tongue in cheek remark you took seriously, I did put a question mark after it.

  Muergo 14:20 11 Aug 2010

Finally plunged in to set up Acronis 2010, what a change from version 9.0, as the write up in PCA said, it is very user friendly much better layouts and very helpful help!
Everything went smoothly and I now have it on non-stop backup.

The other facility , Try & Decide is invaluable to protect myself when browsing unknown sites, I am an inveterate experimenter with strange programs, some turn out invaluable like Samfind, NoSquint and Lazarus has been a godsend for filling forms and retrieving when they drop out halfway through.

  rawprawn 16:07 11 Aug 2010

Great, I'm glad you are pleased with it.

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