Acronis 11 question, please help?

  buel 21:31 08 Jul 2009

Hi, i have Acronis 11 and i was going to make a copy/back up of my Hard drive (40gb) on my external hard drive (250gb) but i've heard that sometimes this can result in my external hard drive actually looking as if it has been changed to 40gb? Does this sound familair please? Do i have to partition the external h.d?

  Technotiger 21:39 08 Jul 2009

No, what you heard was rubbish.

Just follow the on-screen instructions in Acronis. I recommend doing a Full Backup of C:

Your back-up will appear on the external drive in the form of an icon - hover over that icon and you will be presented with the date and size of the backup file.

I would advise you NOT to bother with Incremental or Differential backups, IMHO they are a waste of time, unless one is making lots of changes on a more or less daily basis.

Having made your backup, don't forget to run the Validation as well.

I make full backups on a Fortnightly basis, because I don't make many changes in the meantime.

  Technotiger 21:48 08 Jul 2009

BTW, when you configure your backup, I advise NOT giving it a Password - this just creates something else to go wrong/forget, just use all Default settings without making any changes.

  buel 22:04 08 Jul 2009

Brilliant advice Technotiger, thank you very much for that!!

  Technotiger 22:34 08 Jul 2009

My pleasure - don't forget the Green-tick - Resolved!


  rawprawn 22:55 08 Jul 2009

Well done Technotiger, I hope our friend remembers the green resolved tick.

  gazzaho 23:12 08 Jul 2009

The Fat 32 file structure on most external drives can only create a maximum file size of 4GB. This is probably what you meant by your question. Most external drives are formatted as Fat32 as it's the most common file system between computers.

Apple Macs use it and other devices such as the PS3. Windows can use NTFS which can handle much larger file sizes.

The simple answer is if you use Acronis to create a backup of your computer on a Fat 32 formatted disk it will create a lot of 4GB ".tib" files in order to complete the backup, perhaps 10 or more for a drive with 40GB of data. Using a drive formatted for NTFS would create one 40GB ".tib" file.

  Technotiger 08:36 09 Jul 2009

gazzaho has made a good and valid point - however, I have two external hard-drives, one of which I use for my Acronis backups. Both were bought new some time ago, already NTFS.

But still worth checking that your external drive is NTFS.

  buel 08:27 18 Jul 2009

Thanks, yes the ex hd is ntfs.
Interestingly/worringly i noticed that when i 'backed up'/cloned my laptop's 40gb hd last night the actual back-up file on my ex hd was only 12gb! Does this really compress everything to such a small amount and then is able to decompress it back to the 40gb if i need to restore it?

  Technotiger 08:44 18 Jul 2009

That 12Gb probably means that you do not have a great deal of data on your 40Gb drive - it is the Data that is compressed, not the whole 40Gb drive.

  Technotiger 09:00 18 Jul 2009

Just a point of interest - but, in your own words "'backed up'/cloned" ....... your first choice of words was correct, you have made a Back-up! Cloned is something totally different - Cloning is when one wishes to move your C: drive data to a larger hard-drive in the simplest quickest way, and then to physically replace the original smaller drive with a larger new drive, often done as an upgrade to your hardware.

In this case the new/larger drive would either be connected internally as a Slave, or preferably externally in a USB drive Enclosure. Then, choosing to Clone in Acronis, your C: drive would be totally copied to the new larger drive automatically. Once the Cloning is complete, one then swaps the drives over - usually then formatting the old smaller drive to keep as extra hard-drive space.

I hope this clears up the difference between Cloning and Backing-up, not just for yourself, but also for anyone else reading this.

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