Acronis 11 - a question born of idle curiosity

  Jeff W 16:36 27 Jan 2008

(Windows XP with 2Gb of Dram. Acronis default settings).

I regularly perform a full disc image back up to an external USB hard drive which takes around 15 minutes and results in a file of around 23Gb.

Yesterday, for the first time, I had cause to restore my last back up on to my C drive. It has all worked perfectly but the computer was churning away for 13 hours.

Is this usual?

Why the huge discrepancy in operating times?

Jeff W

  €dstowe 16:52 27 Jan 2008

Do you mean you save a full disk image rather than a backup file (compressed .tbi)?

I can restore Acronis backups in about 30 min. to 1 hour.

  john bunyan 16:53 27 Jan 2008

A supplimentary question : I have a removable caddy with a second HD - will this be quicker than Jeff W's external drive? Just got Acronis 11 - not run it yet.

  bjh 17:06 27 Jan 2008

If I understand you correctly, then:-

You are saving the image to the same drive that is being imaged - this creates multiple read/writes on the same drive, and is very slow.

Also, if the drive physically fails, you lose your active partition AND your backup. I'd always back up to a different physical drive if I have the option.

  stylehurst 17:06 27 Jan 2008

Surprised by your figures & time. I back up my system & programs partition on a monthly basis.
The 10GB partition results in an image file of about 4Gb with default Acronis settings. Takes about 45 minutes to create & verify image. On the rare occasions I have had to restore an image the restoration takes about 5-10 minutes.
Using XP Pro with SP2 2Gb of Dram, and backing up to an external USB drive.
Verification of the image takes the bulk of the time in creating the image, & is longer with TI11 than with earlier versions.

  Jeff W 18:43 27 Jan 2008

I am making a full backup image of my C drive (single partition) to an external Iomega USB 2.O drive with 'normal' compression.

The C drive (SATA) is 279Gb of which 27Gb have been used. The .tbi file is 23Gb - doesn't seem to be much compressed from 27Gb.

Still 13 hours is better than reinstalling windows and starting all over again.

Jeff W

  Chas49 18:47 27 Jan 2008

My computer got in such a state that I eventually had to reformat the hard disk and then restore an image (which failed) and it said that it would take over a day (it was a 45gig image). We thought that with no windows already on the computer that the USB connected external drive was working at 1.1. rather than 2. (That may explain the time discrepany , USB 2 would be working when you made the image.) Fortunately the reformatting allowed my recovery disk to work - previously that had failed too.

  cocteau48 19:03 27 Jan 2008

Using Acronis 10 I do an automated full image backup to my ext.HD. every day.
At just under 10Gb it takes under 15 minutes including verification.
Recovery,including the reboot,takes about 20 minutes although this can initially show 6 hours but runs down to about 15 minutes in less than a minute.

  Jeff W 09:31 28 Jan 2008

Chase49 The USB 1.1/2.0 is an interesting thought. I had separately reformatted my C drive having initially failed to get the Acronis rescue disc to work and then reinstalled windows. I then reinstalled Acronis and did the restoration from there.

Maybe the answer is to use the Acronis secure zone facility for regular back up and make a second backup on an external drive to insure against C drive mechanical failure.

cocteau48 - My recovery started at 29 hours and ran down to 13.

  prince midas 10:23 28 Jan 2008

I think you will find that Acronis may show 10 hours initially but within minutes will go back to 9,8.7 hours etc and still complete in about half an hour.

  Jeff W 14:34 28 Jan 2008

Thanks to all for your interest

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