Acronis 11?

  Chissy 09:18 03 Oct 2007

I bought Acronis 10 a few months ago and have had an email offering a discounted upgrade to Acronis 11.

Just wondered what people on here, who know far more than me, would do/suggest?

Thanks for any replies.

  rawprawn 09:20 03 Oct 2007

I too would like to know what difference there is.
I have found in the past it is rarely worth the cost of upgrade.

  Andsome 09:21 03 Oct 2007

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I am still using version 8 and it does all that I need it to do. I have used the restore program several times, all with 100% success.

  gudgulf 09:37 03 Oct 2007

For users of Vista you need version 10 or above.

There are a few more features in version 11 but I admit I only upgraded from 10 because Acronis e-mailed me informing me my purchase of TI 10 entitled me to one free software upgrade and please accept TI 11 for nowt.

  Technotiger 10:35 03 Oct 2007

I like to keep up-to-date. I have just installed the Upgrade to V11.

  Eric10 11:21 03 Oct 2007

I also like to keep up to date and have accepted the upgrade to V11. Because I have updated regularly I was eligible for the 40% discount and that coupled with the current favourable dollar exchange rate meant that it cost me only £17.70 which I consider to be money well spent.

  Chissy 11:39 03 Oct 2007

Eric10's reply has hit a chord with me too so I'm about to start the process of upgrading. Thanks for the feedback folks, have ticked as resolved.

  stylehurst 14:15 03 Oct 2007

A word of warning; Like Technotiger I upgraded because I like to keep up to date & also I reckn TI to be a superb piece of software which has helped me on many occasions.
Now for the warning: I sucessfully upgraded my XP machine but failed with my W2k machine.
Checking on the Acronis forum it appears that there are some serious bugs with V11 & the general opinion on the forum is to stick with V10 until there is a new release of V11.

  woodchip 15:20 03 Oct 2007

You only need the Version that supports the Operating System you use, 9 will look after XP but 10 for Vista

  Andsome 09:05 07 Oct 2007

Version 8 does fine for me with XP.

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