Acronis 10 variations, incremental & Differential.

  prince midas 10:56 12 Feb 2007

I am a little confused as to wether I use an incremental or differential backup.
I would assume that a differential would give me all the added bits after doing a full backup so what is the point of an incremental?

Finally if I do a fullbackup & then say delete a couple of Directories after & then I do a Differential,if I then do a restore will it then put back the 2 directories I had previously deleted & will I have to then delete them again. I would appeciate a detailed reply,thank you.

  silverous 11:31 12 Feb 2007

Incremental = differences since last incremental

Differential = differences since last full

So if you run a full, then 4 incrementals you need the full plus all 4 incrementals to restore.

If you run a full then 4 differentials you only need the full plus latest differential to restore.

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  prince midas 12:37 12 Feb 2007

Thanks Silverous,I think I will use a Full Backup followed by differential.

I presume that if I do a fullback and then delete a couple of folders & then do a differential & then wish to restore it will still have the 2 folders on the original fullbackup & will put them back so I will need to remove them on a restore.I trust this makes sense.

  exdragon 13:10 12 Feb 2007

So (if I may join in) I could do one full, one differential followed by a second differential, at which point I could delete the first differential?

  silverous 14:38 12 Feb 2007

Prince Midas> If you only restored the full then yes, however if you restored the full followed by the differential you would not have the folder to remove (the differential would in effect remove them) - that is my understanding but I'm no expert!

exmpdragon> That is my understanding yes.

  prince midas 16:56 12 Feb 2007

I personally feel that the differential backup will only restore what is on the computor at the time of the differential & will not be correct when you do a restore as the fullbackup will have put the 2 folders back on the computor.

  exdragon 17:52 12 Feb 2007

I'm so confused by this! So if I do a full, then 1 differential, delete something, then a 2nd differential, I wouldn't be able to get the deleted things back?

Sorry to go on about this, but each time I think I have it straight, something else knocks it out of line!

Perhaps it'd just be easier to do 2 full ones, deleting the first when I know the second is ok. Or perhaps use 2 drives alternately.

  AlanHo 17:53 12 Feb 2007

I take regular Acronis back-ups but also use Diskeeper to automatically keep my hard drives defragged.

Because defragging moves files about - Acronis sees this as a new image even if the file content has not changed.

Hence I find that there is little difference in the time taken for full back-ups compared with incremental or differential. For that rerason - and because it is easier to understand - I now only take full back-ups each time.

  Pine Man 20:20 12 Feb 2007

AlanHo hit the nail on the head. There is little difference between the two so like him I do full back ups everytime to a separate hard drive where I have always got the latest six back ups and delete the oldest each time I do a new one. This way you can access old files etc that may not be on the latest one.

  woodchip 20:29 12 Feb 2007

I don't use any, I just create a Image and then backup else-ware of files photos etc

  silverous 22:04 12 Feb 2007

The problem with just full backups is that i) You need space to keep them and ii) You can only go back to an entire full backup rather than a particular point.

My PC hard disk has approaching 300GB of stuff on it - to keep 6 full backups would need a sizeable amount of disk.

exmpdragon> You WOULD be able to get the deleted things back, by restoring the backup that had them (the full (and if you wanted to - the first differential). It is like any backup regime - you can only restore data from a backup it exists in.... you can't expect to restore the latest differential which stores the state of your PC after deleting two folders then expect those two folders to be around.

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