Acronis 10 problem - backing up emails

  exdragon 15:58 31 Jan 2007

Hi - I thought I'd start with something simple and back up my emails folders with this just received programme, but am having problems.

I select what to back up and to where, then after a few seconds, I get the message that Acronis has encountered a problem and is shutting down, followed by 'send Microsoft an error report'. If I try to do it again, there is an email back up showing, but a message saying it isn't an Acronis back up, or is corrupt.If I then choose to overwrite it, it shuts down again.

If I try to open the existing back up, it shows as being password protected, but I didn't enter a password.

Any idea 'woss goin' on?' please! (Glad I didn't start a full back up, I have to go out at 6.30...)

  anskyber 16:05 31 Jan 2007

I've just tried mine and it's OK. A full back up takes about 15-20 mins and you can abort it. It might be worth trying to see if the full back up works.

If it does not it may mean you need to re-download if that is how you did it since the install could be corrupted.

  exdragon 16:10 31 Jan 2007

15 -20 mins?? When I did it with version 8, it took a couple of hours! I think I may uninstall and reinstall, as it generally doesn't seem happy - takes several attempts to open the prog itself from the Start menu or desktop icon, hangs when doing other things.

Oh dear.

And I still can't get my head round the Secure Zone and the bit about re-writing the mbr, or backing up to the hard drive or an external...I can't cope!

  anskyber 16:14 31 Jan 2007

I've just noticed your other thread on the serial number for your Acronis.

My DVD box (from Amazon) included an 8 page instruction booklet. (White)

On page 8 in large letters and numbers in a prominent box is the serial number to register your product not in the faint grey dots you describe in your other thread.

  exdragon 16:24 31 Jan 2007

Yes, thanks - I eventually spotted the code after being pointed in the right direction!

Just reinstalled and am going to have another go, though I'm getting a bit fed up with it now!

  exdragon 09:51 01 Feb 2007

Apparently it's a known problem that, despite saying on the box that it will back up Outlook, it won't. I came across a fairly irate thread on a forum, from people with exactly the same problem as me. So at least I know it's nothing I'm doing wrong.

Incidently, I started off a full back up of My Data, which threatened to take 2 hours. What's the computer equivalent of ExLax, anyone?? (Only joking, I've cleaned, defragged, AdAware-d, Ewido-d and CCleaned it to an inch of its life)

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