Acrobat Reader problems 2

  griffo 12:50 26 Mar 2005

I have another thread running under this title but need guidance in another associated area. I have discovered that my 'problem' laptop hasn't installed the AcroRd32.exe files in either of Readers 4.0,5.0 and 6.0. It seems likely that this is the cause of the problems we are having creating PDF's from a website we use.
I have tried emailing this file from another laptop (both on XP, one Pro the other Home)but the attachment is 'greyed' out, so I can't copy it into Reader 6.0. I also tried copying it across on the LAN and that didn't work either.
Has anyone got any ideas about why this Laptop is resistant to this .exe file please?

  Wak 13:21 26 Mar 2005

Hi Griffo, Try Zipping the file, transfer it into the Adobe/ Reader folder and then unzip it in situ.
Exe files don't always transfer as they can be construed as a virus by some programs.

  griffo 13:33 26 Mar 2005

thanks for following me around the forum matey, much appreciated. Do you mean, zip it on the 'source' laptop, then email it to the 'problem' laptop?

  griffo 13:57 26 Mar 2005

did that and then unzipped it on the 'problem' and guess what? - it doesn't show as an .exe file. Didn't fix the problem either. Did 'search files and folders' and it now shows in the reader 6.0 but not as .exe!!

I'm well confused!

  Wak 14:03 26 Mar 2005

Does it show an extension at all???
If not, go into Windows Explorer/ View/ Folder Options/ View tab, Have you got the "Hide Extensions" ticked??

  griffo 15:02 26 Mar 2005

Doh!! yep - done that and it's an .exe. So now I've tried the fix, renaming and copying back, that didn't work. However, I think this particular website prefers version 5.0 (although on my laptop it always shows 6.0 opening), so maybe those 2 files need to be in 5.0 as well?
Anyway I'm zipping the file from version 5 on my other laptop and emailing it across to the other and will try the 'fix' in 5 as well.
Keep you posted.

  griffo 15:11 26 Mar 2005

That didn't work either. Oh well, thanks anyway, worth a try. Any other ideas will be welcome.

  Wak 19:14 26 Mar 2005

Like I said earlier, Adobe will not open a PDF file from a Web site if Internet Explorer has been updated after the Adobe program was installed.
Adobe must be installed again so that the necessary files from Adobe can be embedded in Internet Explorer.
The ideas well is running a bit dry at the moment!!!

  Rocky Horror 19:27 26 Mar 2005

Why use the bloated and multi bugged Acrobat when Foxit does the job much better and is miniscule in size. Try the free download - you will never go back to Adobe again!

  griffo 22:44 26 Mar 2005

Wak, I don't think IE has been updated since Adobe's were re-installed. I will try uninstalling v 6.0 and re-installing just to make sure, but really appreciate your help.

Rocky Horror
wouldn't mind changing, except that the software and websites we have to use, for our business purposes, all use Adobe.

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