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  Sharpamatt 07:31 06 May 2005

Hepl was requested in software to fill out the PDF forms which many company use to creat online forms for download. I am looking for help in filling these forms in before printing

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Adobe writer and the Jaws suggestions allow editing of text already in the forms but will not accept entries in the blabk fiels requireing the information to be entered.

Anyone who can help would be appricated.

  octal 07:59 06 May 2005

It can't be done easily. Even with the full version of Adobe, if the document is locked you can't edit it, that's the idea of PDF files. If the user deems it necessary for you to enter data using the computer they will release access to those fields in the document only, the government Pensions Service issue PDF's that can be filled in like that.

I have pasted the PDF document into a Word document, it then appears as an image, then text can be added using the drawing tools, I then save it again as a PDF, which I can do because the office suite I use can do that. Unfortunately you do get a loss of resolution.

  Pesala 09:57 06 May 2005

Zoom to page width; print screen top and bottom halves and paste into Page Plus SE (click here) on the master (background) page. Fill in the forms by typing over the fields on the foreground page.

  pauldonovan 10:43 06 May 2005

..we are using Acrobat 5 (not the reader, the 'creator' software - think it was just called Acrobat then)

We downloaded a P11D form from the Inland revenue. We then went into the form tool and defined all the fields we required.

I can now open that form in a pdf and enter text in the fields (where there wasn't any) and then print it.

  Sharpamatt 11:49 10 May 2005

I have tried useing the writers in five and this is ok if incerting one line at a time, the writer is Ok if you are creating an online doc but not for adding to a predetermined one, unless the originater has allowed it first.

The present system I am useing is to print out the form, then scan and reopen with a print program ( I find an old Coral one works fine ). then add text, and save. then print out.

Unless anyone has an alternative that can overight PDF and its that what I am hoping to find.

  woodchip 11:54 10 May 2005
  pauldonovan 12:02 10 May 2005

I just took an existing form (a P11D) and used the form tools in Acrobat 5 (the writer) to add fields in the correct places.

Then we could merge (import) data from excel to complete the fields, or a user can complete them. None of it 'online' (if you mean on the web) - all just on a PC here.

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