ACHTUNG! downloader-aag

  rubella 16:07 24 May 2005

Seems online extortion isn’t just going to remain the province of big business for long:

“Websense® Security Labs™ has received reports of a new attack that attempts to extort money from users by encoding files on their machines and then requesting payment for a decoder tool.”

Trojan is - downloader-aag

Plug the vulnerability - click here

Further reading - click here

  Joe R 16:11 24 May 2005


If you have SP2 installed, it will not affect you.

  SANTOS7 16:14 24 May 2005

Not sure if i have missed the point but why would this "websense" suddenly report of a security risk that is stated as being nearly a year old?

  rubella 16:16 24 May 2005

Joe R

Thanks amigo, agreed.

Thought it would be worth flagging because for one reason or another not everyone does, and this looks grisly.


  rubella 16:18 24 May 2005


The difference between a vulnerability and a up ands running exploit.

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