Acessing New Site

  louclough 10:28 22 Jan 2008

I'm new to this - website design! I've created a basic site for my hotel on Dreamweaver and uploaded to me2uweb server - I think. Each time I try to access my site through a browser, I get HTTP 403 Forbidden error message.
I've tried googling for help but am just getting confused. me2uweb help has been none existent so far - they have no contact number and have failed to respond to my emails.
Any help would be appreciated.

  ElanMan 11:29 22 Jan 2008

What url are you typing into your browser?
Are you trying to access a folder or a specific page?
In other words, does the address you're typing in end in "/" or "index.html" for example.

  louclough 11:50 22 Jan 2008

I've tried both ways. Address ending "/" results in error 403 and address ending "index.html" results in error 404 - page cannot be found.
I'm a hotel owner now but I used to work in IT when Windows 98 was the latest hot thing! I wanted to retain some control of my website and learn a new skill so thought I would try designing myself - I'm well out of my depth and day-to-day hotel jobs are demanding my time! I want to hand over the task but lack confidence in someone else!

  ElanMan 12:01 22 Jan 2008

When you say that you 'think' you uploaded the site, are you sure that you did?
Sounds a bit obvious but perhaps try uploading it again and making sure it's going to the root of your web space.

  louclough 12:31 22 Jan 2008

The key advice in your post was "making sure it's going to the root of your web space".
I checked and it wasn't! So I have moved all my files and bingo!!!
I'm not cut out for this! Think I'll go and serve in my bar or calculate my VAT bill or something - my head is jangled and the technology is way ahead of me in the world of web design. I've lost my edge and I'm missing the obvious.
Checkout my site and let me know how I'm doing because I dare say I will be needing all the help I can get over the coming months!

  ElanMan 12:52 22 Jan 2008

Hello again,
I've looked at your site(I realise it isn't finished yet) and the one thing I would say is try not to use frames.
From a search engine perspective, they're not too good.
If your using Dreamweaver, there shouldn't be any need to use them.
By the way, Whalley looks very nice!

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