acesing cd rom boot menu in xp

  merlin23 17:26 02 Nov 2006

hi all my pc has no floppy,i purchesed usb floppy and upgraded bios, the info was to disable (virus protection) but could not find this option in bios settings.

all was ok except pc shows 2 floppy a&b just pick a option all ok.

decided to try original bios (not using floppy)
this involves downloadeing file, self extracting to c:/medion.

restart pc with application/support cd.
then ms windows cd rom bootmenu-boot from cd.rom.

select ms-dos prompt in suppoert cd startmenu, then exect autoexec.bat file in (c:/medion)

however i cannot figure out how to get into ms windows cd rom menu to boot from cd or get dos prompt.

normally i thought boot from cd was in bios settings??

running xp home edition.
thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:14 02 Nov 2006

Perhaps I am being a bit thick here but I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do.

Are trying to boot from an external USB floppy?
Set "first boot device" as UBS in BIOS and make sure you have a bootable floppy disk in the drive.

Reset the machine back to its original settings?
Set first boot device to CDrom in BIOS have product recovery CD in drive as you boot.

  merlin23 19:13 02 Nov 2006

hi fruitbat i am trying to put bios back to factory settings but not using floppy.

however looking in bios set up settings are boot from floppy, so i will set it too boot from cd and see what happens

thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:16 02 Nov 2006

Still confused

You can set the BIOS to default settings by removeing Cmos battery for a few minutes or by moving the CMOS jumper to the Claer cmos position (see manual)

You could also flash the BIOS back to its old version (but I don't understand why you would wnt to unles the PC will not boot at all) if you can get into BIOS then leave the BIOS at this version.

  Technotiger 22:55 02 Nov 2006

Hi, you say you have purchased a USB Floppy, ok, so that floppy will be shown as 'B' even though you do not have any other floppy. I think this is where you are getting confused.
All XP pc's show Floppy 'A' - even though there often is no floppy at all, so when you add a USB Floppy that one becomes 'B'.


  Technotiger 22:56 02 Nov 2006

ps - no need to upgrade bios when you add a USB Floppy.

  merlin23 11:18 03 Nov 2006

thanks all bit wary about removing battery etc.

however if i had no floppy drive, and there was a new bios vertion avaliable , i would need to boot from cd rom /command prompt and run the new upgrade .
i set bios to boot from cd rom, i then

reboot pc. cdrom boot menu gives option
boot from hard drive or boot from cd.

according to the info from medion instructions i should be able to select ms dos prompt from the application/support cd start menu,

this option does not seem to be avaliable in cd rom start menu??

if i select ms dos prompt from xp start/accessories ms dos prompt, it brings me to c:/documents /settings, but i need to get into c;/medion to run the bios file,

but cannot get out of c documents using chdir command,

so its confusing how this option should work,

thank you

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:31 03 Nov 2006

What happens if you select "boot from CD"

  merlin23 12:49 03 Nov 2006

fruitbat if i select boot from cd it just goes into a system restore menu only.
did read on another site to use safe mode command prompt ,but this still brings up c:/documents/settings on reboot , and cannot get out of this win xp service pack 2 is shown on screen.

thank you

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