Acer welcome screen stuck

  collinsc 18:11 23 Aug 2007

So- ive got a brand new laptop. It has crashed- rang up help centre- we tried restart 3 times- did not work (keeps showing screen: 'cleaning please wait') after 5 hours...

so they say do a replacement.

ive tried it again and it seems to have worked apart from the fact that once turned on and it runs through the acer welcome screen (i guess it shouldnt do that everytime should it) it is stuck on the "welcome to acer screen".

Can i get rid of the screen?
shall i just get it replaced?


  iambeavis 18:15 23 Aug 2007

I think there's a box at the bottom, left-hand corner, which you untick to prevent it starting with the computer.

  collinsc 18:22 23 Aug 2007

do you know where!? i cant see it...

you dont think its still messed up then?

  iambeavis 18:27 23 Aug 2007

Go to Start> Control Panel> Welcome Centre - is that what you mean by the "welcome to acer screen", if so, there should be a small box at the bottom left-hand corner.

  collinsc 18:33 23 Aug 2007

got it...
right - its not worked... so it must still be duffed... i'll have to get a replacement

it has the screen "thankyou for choosing this acer product... please go to click here for more info"

  iambeavis 18:41 23 Aug 2007

Try Useing msconfig to disable it.

  collinsc 18:47 23 Aug 2007

would not have a clue what to do...
besides- if its doing it and it shouldnt be then there could be something else wrong

  iambeavis 19:09 23 Aug 2007

From the Start button go to Run and, in the box that comes up, type msconfig and then click on the ok button. When msconfig opens, click on the Startup tab and look for an entry relating to Acer Welcome - if you find it, untick it and choose apply then ok. Sorry I can't be of much help to you but, as soon as I had my Acer machine, I got rid of all the unwanted extras that acer installed on it and I don't really remember a great deal about them

  iambeavis 19:15 23 Aug 2007

You could look for it in Programs and Features, in Control Panel and, if it's there you can uninstall it.

  collinsc 08:01 24 Aug 2007

thanks for advice

  collinsc 17:13 24 Aug 2007

ok- so ive rang acer and they told me how to get rid of the screen- you were right it was msconfig.

now when i start it up though- it tells me "you have blocked something from start up" so how do i get rid of this message!
if i "show/remove programmes" it comes up and there are options of- remove, disable, enable.

is it safe to remove!?

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