Acer Wants To Charge Me £70 To Return Computer

  SebBux 12:19 25 Apr 2008


I bought a computer off Ebuyer back in January this year.

Bit of a cheap barging at £130.00 i thought i'd
keep as a back up.

Anyway a week ago i tried it out, it's faulty.

Ebuyer. Sorry 28 days cannot take it back. My own fault i should have tried it out.

Contacted Acer.

Acer. use the recovery disc that came with computer, did that no good, sent email no reply phoned today. Acer it's a faulty recovery disc.

How can they tell, so i asked for them collect
computer to repair. then i was told £70.00 for
collection or i can pay £50.00 for a new recovery disc, or send it back to ebuyer.

So i bought a faulty computer first of all.

It's only just 4 months old and i have not used it

Be gratefull fo any advice

  Knights of Ni 00:03 26 Apr 2008

You could try quoting the sales of goods act to the original supplier (EBuyer). Basically, if I understand correctly it says something like:

If a fult occurs in the first 6 months of purchase, the supplier has to demonstrate that their product was not faulty, or ofer a repair or replacement product.

Sometimes just quoting the section (find it on Google) get suppliers to stop taking the piss out of consumers and own up to their responsibilities!

  Dipso 00:11 26 Apr 2008

I had an Acer PC hard drive fail on me after a week or so. I compared the cost of return to that of a new hard drive and decided it wasn't worth it. I replace the hard drive myself. This may not be the same fault as yours but it's worth weighing up the costs involved.

  tullie 00:16 26 Apr 2008

If we knew the exact problem,someone here may solve it.

  wis 00:35 26 Apr 2008

yes tullie is spot on, if pc is faulty whats the
problem, otherwise this should be posted with
may be speakers corner

  DrScott 00:47 26 Apr 2008

have a legal obligation to take it back. Quote the Sale of Goods act at them.

You might like to post this in Consumer Watch too. The FE is also very helpful on such matters, and is more likely to notice it if it's posted there.

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