Acer want £50 for recovery CD

  Miros 13:08 11 Oct 2006

Could anyone please help?

I have an Acerpower F1 desktop PC about two years old. I want to do a full recovery, having made inquiries with Acer they tell me I should have created recovery CDs when I first started up my PC, I protested that I never saw this info. I'm sure if it was there it would have been in the small print somewhere, and not easy to see when you have reached your sell by date like me, also needing eyes in your backside when first starting up a new PC.

The help line guy also commented it's quite old now! Two years quite old? what to do dump it, buy a new one, not on your nellie, not on my pension income I wont.

The bottom line is if I send them £50 they will send me disc's or them wherewithal to create them, can't remember now which. Does any one out there have the knowledge to work around this as I understand all the info is still on my hard drive locked away somewhere.

  wizzboy 13:33 11 Oct 2006

did they give you a recovery CDs .if not go into your bios and set your hard drive to boot up frist, if not send me an email and i will help you out for free

  Miros 13:42 11 Oct 2006

No, they don't supply recovery CDs it would seem you should create your own when you first set up your PC.

For me setting up a new PC alone is an ordeal not being so clever with these things.

I will send you an E-mail if that's OK by you. cheers.

  woodchip 13:48 11 Oct 2006

The discs will Have all you need for your computer including Drivers. You should get it. I also recommend you buy Acronis to do a full backup after.
click here

  Strawballs 13:51 11 Oct 2006

Look in your manual because you should still be able to burn one from the hidden partion.

  Miros 13:54 11 Oct 2006

I have Acronis also Paragon hard disk manager, I have copied everything to an external drive, just waiting to do the full recovery as PC is not behaving itself to well at the moment.
You think it would be better to pay the £50 ?

  Miros 13:56 11 Oct 2006

I'll send you a copy of the manual, if you can find the info in there I'll give you £50, oh well a fiver at least.

  Miros 14:19 11 Oct 2006

Changed my mind will give you £100 if you can find the info in my manual, just taken another look, did a search for recovery, it's not even mentioned in there.
Maybe I should write and protest to Acer if this is the case,I think as it's not mentioned I have a good claim against this charge.

  terryf 14:28 11 Oct 2006

I wouldn't bother but it is not much good doing an acronis image if your computer 'is not behaving itself to well at the moment'. You really need to do an image of a clean instal of os and progs

  Strawballs 14:30 11 Oct 2006

Must admit have never seen an acer manual but sounds totally useless Packard bell ones are very clear on this subject and they also have a list in system tools for this.

  Miros 14:41 11 Oct 2006

I note you comments but if I can start afresh, it's only a few photos and the odd programme I
need from the copy of my HD.

My only real problem is I cant't use my browsers other than this one on AOL, (which I don't like)

I have just e-mailed the Acer tech help re: the £50 charge and the fact there's no help in the (as Strawballs would say ) useless manual, and I
have to agree Strawballs, your dead right.

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