Acer Vista eRecovery not working

  dms_05 16:12 31 May 2008

I have a recent Acer 5920 laptop with Vista Home Premium. Today it failed to boot into Vista, it hangs about 30 seconds into the process after the loading bar disappears.

I can manage to get into CMD but not much else as most of the options on ALT F10 don't work.

I would very much like to access the hidden partition containing the Vista image but can't as the eRecovery utility isn't available.

I've checked tha various Partitions by running a Linux LiveCD and they are all there and seem intact.

Anyone any idea how I can invoke eRecovery as Acer don't supply any CD/DVD. I have tried an older set of Acer recovery CD's but they are for XP.

  ßoolian 16:16 31 May 2008

Ring up Acer and ask them to send you one. They will send you one?

  dms_05 16:19 31 May 2008

It would be nice if they would! They were destined to be my 09.00 Monday morning call in any case! I just hoped someone would have a neat solution today.

  ßoolian 16:35 31 May 2008

When my PCWorld Philips went wrong, I just rang up the TechGuys and they sent me one 6 MONTHS LATER.

  dms_05 17:03 31 May 2008

I've found a Vista Recovery Disk (125MB) and I'm trying to download at the moment. If it works I'll repost to update this thread.

  dms_05 21:04 31 May 2008

The Vista Recovery Disk produces exactly the same utilities as pressing ALT F10 at boot up. And as most of those utilities failed to run I'm coming to the conclusion I have a hard disk problem. However I can't check that out, the ultimate check would be to reinstall Vista and reformat C: but having no Recovery CD I can't even try.

I can report that a Linux LiveCD runs from my DVD drive and functions fully so it seems the problem is with the internal HD.

So it's back to Acer for a warranty repair.

  dms_05 21:06 31 May 2008

If any one is interested the Vista Recovery Disk can be downloaded click here

  woodchip 21:13 31 May 2008

You could try this, but no idea if it will work with Vista

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