Acer recovery Cd's

  User-1159794 19:09 14 Sep 2007

Can anyone tell me how to use the Acer recovery disks.

The manual is rubbish,Goggled the problem and have tried every suggestion.

Done this(the last post)click here
but no joy.

  skidzy 19:28 14 Sep 2007

From your link,did you try the last suggestion regarding F10+ALT ?

Ok,Check in Disk Management to see if there is indeed a recovery partition.

Start / Right click My Computer and select Manage / Disc Management.

Look at Disk 0,is there a recovery/restore partition ?

Did you create the recovery disc from a once only program preinstalled on the Acer ?

  User-1159794 19:31 14 Sep 2007

The recovery disc's (3) seemingly came with the PC.
I'm now trying this advice here

  User-1159794 19:43 14 Sep 2007

No luck with that.I can see an xp disk going in and reinstalling that way.It will just be a hassle with the drivers.

  skidzy 19:51 14 Sep 2007

Have you checked for the hidden partition.

Sometimes,as with an Advent lappy i have may have to wait till a blue bar loads on the bottom of the screen then press ALT+F10.

Have you changed the bios to boot from cd as opposed booting from the hdd.
Then insert the recovery 1 and reboot.

can you explore the recovery disc ?

  tullie 19:52 14 Sep 2007

Why do you want the recovery disk?Are you intending to re install everything?

  User-1159794 19:55 14 Sep 2007

I thought it would be quicker as the recovery disks come with all the drivers etc.

  Sea Urchin 20:54 14 Sep 2007

Using recovery disks (see page 13)

click here

  woodchip 22:58 14 Sep 2007

What is your Problem? can it be solved by Starting in Safe Mode, and Running System Restore?

  User-1159794 07:48 15 Sep 2007

Thanks,the laptop is a mess,no security to speak of,you could have a 4 course lunch whilst waiting for it to boot to the desktop.

So a reset to factory settings (with recovery disks) or as I suspect in this case,install XP then drivers etc,the COA is on the underside.

Recovery disks would be the simpler route.

  tullie 08:11 15 Sep 2007

What do you mean by no security,suely you have AV and firewall running?

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