Acer PC's

  Mac70 19:22 18 Aug 2007

My partners sis is thinking of buying one of these from Comet.What are they like as a make of computer? I would provide a link but the one in the newspaper ad doesnt appear on their website.

It's the SA90 model, Intel dual-core, 1gb RAM, 250gb , Nvidia graphics, Vista Premium, 15" monitor.

  Gongoozler 19:46 18 Aug 2007

Acer are very good, but these days a 15inch monitor is very small. A 17inch model is much better and not much more expensive. I'm using a 20.5 inch widescreen which is the same height as a 17inch conventional and find it superb when working on two documents simultaneously.

  Mac70 23:03 18 Aug 2007

That's good enough for me to pass on. You are right about the monitor. Ive only got a 15" and Im starting to squint.

  handy4x 23:05 18 Aug 2007

my wife has had hers for two years not a problem with it good value

  Peachy boy 23:45 18 Aug 2007

one gig of ram is fairly low for vista I belive but I dont acctually have vista so i'm not 100% sure

  Stuartli 23:55 18 Aug 2007

Acer PC systems are manufactured by Elite Computer Systems (of motherboard fame), or at least were as recently as 2005. See:

click here

  Mac70 00:02 19 Aug 2007

Ive got an Elitegroup mobo in my Linux pc and it's on 14 hours a day, so cant be bad. That's if they are one in the same.
Not had a complaint yet, which can only be good.

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