Acer orbicam problem

  handful 18:48 10 May 2008

Hi all.I have an Acer Aspire 6100 (XP Home)which has an integrated webcam. It isn't working any more and I can't establish whether it is broken or whether I have some software/driver problem. I have used Acer eRecovery to uninstall and reinstall but this hasn't helped. If I go into Device Manager the webcam is not listed in Imaging Devices. If I start the webcam softare I get a message saying that it is unplugged but if I continue with it and try and turn it on it tells me it is being used by another application. I have tried it in safe mode and with everything turned off in startup (apart from the acer programmes) to no avail. am I right in thinking that having run the installation software, if it isn't working it should be in Device Manager with a yellow exclamation? Oh yes, I have tried downloading the driver from the acer support site but this will not download for some reason. Can anyone point me in the right direction to try something else or should I just buy a new one?? Thanks in advance for any help. :0))

  handful 06:12 11 May 2008


  ambra4 06:59 11 May 2008

Give their Technical help line a call or email and explain your problem with the web cam and you are unable to download the driver

Head Office (Sales and Marketing):
Acer UK Limited
Acer House
Heathrow Boulevard III
282 Bath Road
West Drayton

UB7 0DQ Acer (Esplex Technical Service and Repairs):
Unit M
Eagle Road

Commercial and Product Information

Please call 0870 853 1005

Technical Help line:

UK : 0870 853 1000

For all Technical Service related support

website click here

email [email protected]

  handful 11:41 11 May 2008

Thanks ambra4, I will give them a try. I generally prefer to try an resolve problems myself or with some help from here if possible but I think I'm stumped with this one.

  handful 13:20 11 May 2008

Update - I have managed to download the latest drivers now from the Acer ftp site but this hasn't helped. Is there a simple way to check whether the camera is knackered or not. If the camera isn't working, should it still be listed in device manager with a yellow exclamation mark or would it be like mine, i.e. not listed at all?? Any help would be much appreciated.

  ambra4 15:36 11 May 2008

Try this and see if xp can find the web cam

Control panel – click Add Hardware – select yes I have connected the hardware – next

Check list and Select Imaging device if listed – if not select Add a new hardware device – next

Select Install the hardware that I manually select – select the Imaging device- next

click have disk browse to the folder where the web cam driver is and see if it will install

If a zip file unzip to the same folder

  crosstrainer 15:53 11 May 2008

It sounds to me like a hardware issue....I am an Acer dealer. Sometimes if the camera is rotated a lot, it can become disconnected. I would take it to your local Acer dealer (unless you have the cover package)

  handful 16:09 11 May 2008

Ambra4, thanks for suggesting this but unfortunately this didn't work either. crosstrainer, I'm inclined to think you are probably right about it being disconnected although I'm fairly sure I haven't rotated it too far. If this has happened, wouldn't it still show in Device Manager with an exclamation mark?

Also, how easy would it be to replace and is it a job that a reasonably experienced 'home user' could do? I haven't much experience with laptops but have built and repaired several PC's in my time.

Many thanks for the help offered so far by the way.

  handful 16:37 11 May 2008

Crosstrainer, could you tell me where can I find a list of local dealers please, I can't find anything on the acer website. Many thanks

  crosstrainer 16:56 11 May 2008

Where do you live....There is a "Find your local re-seller" section on the Acer site. Laptops are not user repairable unless you have the knownledge. I would not advise you to attempt a home repair.

  crosstrainer 16:57 11 May 2008

Knowledge :)

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