acer new laptop 3690 and poor battery life

  frankie 21:17 04 Feb 2007

acer new laptop 3690 and poor battery life i only get 50 mins bought it in november followed advice on battery care,but only 50 mins dire or what,thanks for looking,ps the 50 mins is with battery saving options on cpu on 75%.brightness 50%

  SANTOS7 21:21 04 Feb 2007

my advice as its less then a year old, take it back,(the battery may be faulty) whatever we suggest you try may invalidate any warranty agreement..

  skidzy 21:24 04 Feb 2007

"cpu on 75%"

This i would look into....

Can you look in task manager and post back the exact details of what is using the cpu under processes.Though i would not think that would use the battery that quick.

Agree with Santos...send it back.

  wjrt 21:57 04 Feb 2007

most laptop batteries only have a 6 month warranty as they are regarded as replaceable. as before take it or send it back and the quicker the better

  woodchip 21:59 04 Feb 2007

If it's a desktop CPU it's not going to last much longer. Although you may be able to buy a long running battery for it

  frankie 22:47 05 Feb 2007

left it on charge all day today,on start got 37 mins remaining then went to 42 mins but downhill from there,will return to shop tomorrow,am i correct contract is with money back or replacement,not to accept send off for repair?.

  skidzy 22:53 05 Feb 2007

"contract with shop"

They will probably send it away or order a new battery,im guessing they will try extremely hard not to give you a refund.Maybe even offer you a different model.

This also depends on your warranty,for example...on site repair/back to base/ all depends im afraid.

  frankie 23:02 05 Feb 2007

thanks for looking only bought it in nov 2006 can i say not fit for purpose due to poor battery idealy am looking to pin shop down its comet uk bought from shop basically whats my rights ads say battery 2-5 hours,dont want to go into shop firing blanks this was a popular model so will post outcome on here for others so want to get it right

  frankie 23:16 05 Feb 2007

thanks for looking only bought it in nov from comet shop in yarmouth uk,obviously not fit for purpose, send it away i dont find that acceptable,any more idea on my rights

  skidzy 23:20 05 Feb 2007

click here some limited info for you,i suspect they will order a new battery.
click here

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